How Top Producers Generate More Sales Leads

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Everyone knows that top real estate producers are extremely hard workers. But, after years of helping these overachievers with their marketing, we’ve noticed they also rely on the following tricks to keep sales leads rolling in. They leverage the power of different marketing mediums Top [...]

Worldwide Business Interview with kathy ireland® Press Release

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  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Xpressdocs Management Shares Innovative Approach To Customizing Branded Marketing Materials on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland Tune into Fox Business Network and Bloomberg International as sponsored programming on Sunday, September 13, 2015. LOS ANGELES, September 10, 2015 /BUSINESSWIRE/ -- MMP (USA) [...]

Developing a Personal Brand (That Potential Customers Will Remember)

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People don’t recommend run-of-the-mill real estate professionals to their family and friends; they pass along the names of agents that are standouts. To achieve that kind of status, you not only have to be uniquely talented, you also have to establish a unique personal brand. [...]

Generate More Money with a Good Listing Photo

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Now that every prospective home buyer is using a computer or smart phone to review property listings, the quality of the property photos has moved to the top of the list in terms of importance. In the latest home-buyers survey from the National Association of [...]

The Listing Presentation: Eight Keys to Success

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We all know how important the listing presentation is. Do it right, and you’ll be one step closer to claiming the top-salesperson honors. Fumble it, and you’ll be back out on the street knocking on doors and looking for potential clients wherever you go. Whether [...]

Get Creative: Design Tips for Custom Marketing Postcards

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Most agents love how simple it is to launch a prospecting effort with Xpressdocs’ pre-designed marketing postcards. But did you realize there are blank templates you can design yourself? For those who want to let their creative side shine, here are some tips from the [...]

How to Make a Name for Yourself in Company Meetings

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Company meetings are a great place to boost your image and impress the boss. Yet many professionals today totally overlook these opportunities. Consider using one or two of the following tips at your next conference-room gathering. Leave your phone at your desk [...]

No Fear: Seven Tips for Those Who Hate Public Speaking

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Countless books have been written about how to make an audience sit up and take notice when you give a business presentation. But what about the people who become so nervous and anxious that they have trouble simply speaking and thinking clearly [...]

Clinton Counting on Marketing Postcards for Election Win

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It’s true: Hillary Clinton’s presidential political campaign will almost certainly be relying heavily on marketing postcards and other direct mail to communicate her stands on important issues, drum up financial contributions, criticize opponents, encourage voting and more. Her last presidential run did. [...]

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