Brand management platform pricing options to meet your current needs, with the flexibility to scale.

+$0 Implementation Fee
Try for Free
For individuals and
single locations
Generic print
template library
What’s Included
  • Self-serve registration and login
  • Mailing list services
  • Customer Service via call, email, or chat
  • Credit card orders
+$1000 Implementation Fee
Up to 10 individuals,
or fewer than 15 locations
15 products or custom
print templates
What’s Included
  • All of DIY
  • Upgrade to secure single sign-on
  • Online reports
  • Billing account option
  • Photo service API integration
  • Modules a la carte
+$2000 Implementation Fee
Request a Demo
Fewer than 500 individuals
or 75 locations
40 products or custom
print templates
What’s Included
  • All of STARTER
  • Copay/Subsidy program support
  • Personal Marketing template library
  • Modules: 2 included
+$5000 Implementation Fee
Request a Demo
Thousands of users
and locations
100 products or custom
print templates
What’s Included
  • All of STANDARD
  • Mail tracking
  • DBA and legal disclaimer management
  • Inventory management
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Modules: 4 included
Pricing info: Support fees include product and print template revisions and additions (limitations apply). Eligibility for fee discounts based on transaction volume.


Optional Content, Programs & Tools

Add modules to your storefront at any time to enhance your users experience.
 Module inclusions vary based on chosen package; $500 implementation fee per module a la carte. Additional monthly support fees may apply for the Automated Property / Prospect Marketing and the XpressConnection Lead Nurturing program modules.

Automated Property or Prospect Marketing

Our APM solution instantly generates integrated marketing campaigns using data that passes from your existing CRM (or other tech) into our system.

Custom Image Gallery

We can stock your storefront with pre-approved images your end users can access 24/7.

XpressConnection Lead Nurturing

Add addresses to your enrollment list and watch pre-scheduled direct mail campaigns (with multiple durations and frequencies) launch themselves.

Listing Feed Integration

Let us receive and maintain all your company’s lists to help streamline the order process.

eProcurement Integration

We provide a wide range of products that feature your brand and support your business and marketing operations with our brand management platform and automated marketing services.

Suggested Copy Library

Let us provide you with proven copy that increases response rates.

Order Approval Workflow

Our brand management platform can configure to expedite your company’s internal approval process, making ordering more efficient.

CRM List Integration

Let your users send lists from their CRM to Xpressdocs to make direct mail orders even easier.

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Learn more about our brand management software and pricing options and discuss a custom solution for your brand.

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Comparison Table

Brand Management
Platform Features
Self-serve registration and login arrow arrow arrow arrow
Single sign-on integration arrow arrow arrow
Photo editing tools arrow arrow arrow arrow
Suggested copy library arrow arrow arrow arrow
Custom suggested copy library A LA CARTE OPTION OPTION
Custom image gallery A LA CARTE OPTION OPTION
Listing feed integration A LA CARTE OPTION OPTION
Photo service API integration arrow arrow arrow
Personal marketing template library arrow arrow
DBA and legal disclaimer management arrow arrow
Multi-page templates arrow
Automated Prospect or Property Marketing A LA CARTE OPTION OPTION
XpressConnection automated lead nurturing A LA CARTE OPTION OPTION
Amazingmail integration with CRM/
practice management software
Ground, 2-day overnight &
priority overnight shipping
arrow arrow arrow arrow
International shipping support arrow arrow arrow
International expedited shipping lanes
for Canada, the UK, and EU countries
arrow arrow
Free seed card for mail orders arrow arrow arrow arrow
Free gloss coating (single side) on mailed postcards arrow arrow arrow arrow
Matte coatings on mailed postcards arrow
Gloss or Soft Touch Postal Protect® coating option arrow arrow
Scheduled mailings arrow arrow arrow arrow
First class, standard (third class) mail service arrow arrow arrow arrow
Non-profit, saturation, and catalog mail service arrow arrow
Free mailing list validation (CASS, NCOA) arrow arrow arrow arrow
Free mailing list hosting arrow arrow arrow arrow
Street, radius, geographic, and demographic
targeted mailing lists
arrow arrow arrow arrow
Every Door Direct Mail service arrow arrow arrow arrow
CRM mailing list integration arrow arrow
HIPAA compliant mail support arrow arrow
In-transit mail tracking arrow arrow
Credit card payment arrow arrow arrow arrow
Billing account option arrow arrow arrow
Cost center billing support arrow arrow
Co-pay subsidy, voucher and ad budget support arrow arrow
eProcurement integration A LA CARTE OPTION OPTION
Online reporting arrow arrow arrow
Administrator toolbox arrow arrow arrow
Order approval workflow A LA CARTE OPTION OPTION
Inventory management arrow arrow
Service level guarantee arrow arrow arrow arrow
Contact center support arrow arrow arrow arrow
Account support arrow arrow
Dedicated Account Manager arrow
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