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An Exclusive Subscription Service

Ready to get the most out of your partnership with Xpressdocs? Then get started with XD+, a new subscription program with amazing benefits for you. We’ve worked hard to create a program that will help our clients get the biggest bang for their buck when it comes to marketing, with perks sure to knock your socks off.

FREE Ground Shipping
FREE Ground Shipping
FREE Targeted Mailing Lists
FREE Targeted Mailing Lists
Exclusive Sales Events
Exclusive Sales Events
FREE Business Cards
FREE Business Cards

How does XD+ work?

Above and beyond what’s offered on your Xpressdocs storefront, as an XD+ subscriber, you’ll get these benefits specially tailored to your marketing needs:

  • FREE ground shipping on orders
    When you order print materials or promotional products through your storefront, ground shipping is FREE to your home or office.
  • FREE select address lists for mailings
    Working on a direct mail campaign to drive more leads? As an XD+ subscriber, you get targeted radius and street address lists for FREE.
  • FREE order of business cards
    We’ll provide you with a FREE set of business cards when you sign up for a subscription, and you’ll get another free set every year you’re a subscriber! Maximum value is $32.50; business card orders that exceed this maximum value will be discounted by $32.50.
  • EXCLUSIVE members only promotions
    As an XD+ subscriber you’ll get to take advantage of special flash sales and product discounts to help make your key marketing collateral even more budget friendly.
  • EXCLUSIVE access to XD Day
    You’ll gain access to XD DAY – a massive, subscriber-only sale that features the hottest deals of the year!

Subscription Plan Pricing

Pick the billing plan that fits your business.

XD Plus Annual Pricing XD Plus Monhly Pricing


The market is always changing, which means your marketing needs do too. With XD+, you can have access to exclusive tools and benefits that give you more flexibility and save you time and money.  Our XD+ subscription helps you meet your marketing goals with an extra level of ease – above and beyond what’s offered on your existing storefront. With subscription plan options to fit any budget, signing up is an effortless choice! (Not to mention, signing up for an annual subscription saves you 15% on your next order.)


Please see XD+ Terms & Conditions for complete details.

We're here to help you get started

Ready to Subscribe?

Becoming an XD+ subscriber is easy. Head to your Xpressdocs storefront and select the XD+ subscription tile to sign up and start enjoying your benefits now or call us today.

Have Questions?

Check our our FAQ about XD+
Why is Xpressdocs offering a subscription?

To provide additional benefits and cost savings to our loyal customers who regularly place orders.

Is XD+ a good deal? Why should I subscribe?

XD Plus is a great deal, especially the annual $99 subscription! The savings from the free business cards and sale discounts alone could cover the cost of your subscription. Plus, the savings from free shipping and mailing lists add up quickly.

How do I subscribe?

After logging into Xpressdocs, click the XD+ tile on the Home Page, or click link in the header menu to reach the Manage Subscriptions page.

How long after I sign up will I receive my discount code?

If you sign up for the Annual subscription, you will receive your offer code in an email sent to the email address on your Xpressdocs account soon after you subscribe.

How long after I sign up will I have access to free shipping and mailing lists?

Once subscribed, your XD+ benefits will immediately be available during the checkout process.

When do I get my free business cards?

When you subscribe, you will receive an offer code in an email that you can use the next time you checkout.

When is XD day?

XD Day is an annual event, and will take place between XD+ Launching and August 30th of 2023. Subscribers will be notified at least one week in advance of the sale.

When will the flash sales occur?

Flash sales can happen at any time, and will be announced the day the sale begins via email.

The duration of the sale will vary, as will the discounts and eligible products.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes. You are able to cancel an active subscription at any time. Canceling the subscription does not terminate the current plan period; your benefits will terminate at the end of the subscription term. This means that the subscription benefits will be available for a monthly subscription until the end of that monthly term, and benefits remain available for the annual subscription up until the yearly renewal date. Upon cancellation there will be no refunds or prorated credits, as access to all benefits, including free business and promotional discounts, is immediate.

Please see Terms & Conditions for complete details.

How much is a subscription?

The Monthly Subscription is $9.99 (+applicable sales tax), charged once per month to the payment method on file.

The Annual Subscription is $99.99 (+applicable sales tax), charged once per year to the payment method on file.

Please see Terms & Conditions for complete details.

What is the difference between the monthly and annual plans?

Aside from the discounted subscription fee savings, Annual Subscribers will also receive a promo code for 15% off their next order when they subscribe.

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