Put Your Brand in Their Hands with Logo Promotional Products

Customizable Tumblers, Backpacks, Notebooks, and More

Psst! did you know 6 out of 10 people keep promotional items for up to 2 years? If you want to enhance your marketing mix with branded merchandise your customers will line up for, Xpressdocs has you covered. From wearables like shirts and hats to everyday basics like coffee mugs, customized pens and chapstick, you’ll never run out of swag to impress current and prospective clients with logo promotional products.

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Why Savvy Businesses Always Keep Branded Accessories On Hand

Despite this digital age, people still crave tangible products. They stimulate the senses, but more importantly...they last. When you put your logo on goods customers can actually use, you:

  • Stay Top of Mind – Like a catchy song, when people see your logo frequently, it sticks in their heads, and the longer they hold onto it, the more impact it creates. Isn’t that the point of great marketing?
  • Stay Distinctive – Not the same as different, distinctive means people remember you for what others are not. Combine the quality of our products with the force of your trademark and you create a meaningful imprint that gets results.
  • Add Value – Whether it’s customer swag or corporate gifts, people appreciate when companies offer something useful, especially if they didn’t have to ask for it.
  • Build Incentive – Want to expand your customer email list or get additional sign-ups for an event? Fun promotional products are a great encouragement tool.
Eco-friendly items

Help your people do their part with these green accessories.

USB drives

Because even tech should look spectacular.


Protect your customers from the elements with functional but fashionable basics.


Got branded swag bags? You do now.


Soft but durable, branded t-shirts are perfect for casual Fridays.


With your logo across them, these everyday necessities get a fancy upgrade.

WFH gear

Enhance their work-from-home setup with these customizable essentials.


Because sun happens.

Our Brand Management Platform has You Covered.

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