Vendor Consolidation Reduces Overhead

Saving Time & Money

We know you have a lot to accomplish. The teams you support need accessible brand materials without the fussy tech that sometimes comes with it. When you partner with Xpressdocs, we provide a fully-stocked, on-demand platform (available from your Intranet, CRM, or custom login page) that lets your people source what they need, when they need it. Plus, though we have numerous products and services, we can also inventory and distribute your third-party goods, all while streamlining billing, cost center reconciliation, and approvals.

Procurement Vendor Consolidation

You Need The Best Service For Your Team

We Help You Get There

We establish prices in advance, reducing the need for quotes and bids. We ensure legal notices are printed on materials (where required) and brand guidelines are followed, reducing the number of legal and marketing reviews. 

  • DBA and Disclaimer Management
  • Internal Quality Control Processes
  • Monthly Billing Tools
  • Order Support and Customer Service
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reduction in total campaign costs

Bulk Ordering and Inventory Management

In 2019, a prominent automotive financing company came to Xpressdocs needing a solution to run their marketing campaign operations more efficiently.

Before Xpressdocs, the client was responsible for outsourcing the printing of their marketing materials, inventorying them, and distributing them to their nationwide team of 540+ operational and sales personnel. When the client decided to run a national campaign to help bolster use of their financial services, they became buried in the complexities of sourcing, managing, and distributing the eight different pieces that made up each campaign kit.

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Our services follow company business protocols and are in compliance with your purchasing policy. Speak to an expert to learn more.

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