Bulk Ordering and Inventory Management

Automotive Financing Company

With Xpressdocs, the automotive financing company:

  • Achieved a 35% reduction in total campaign costs
  • Managed support to 57 office locations and 540+ teams nationwide
  • Simplified the order process and increased turn-times with the Brand Management Platform
inventory management case study


In 2019, a prominent automotive financing company came to Xpressdocs needing a solution to run their marketing campaign operations more efficiently.

Before Xpressdocs, the client was responsible for outsourcing the printing of their marketing materials, inventorying them, and distributing them to their nationwide team of 540+ operational and sales personnel. When the client decided to run a national campaign to help bolster use of their financial services, they became buried in the complexities of sourcing, managing, and distributing the eight different pieces that made up each campaign kit.

The client already had three of the pieces for the kit ready, but they needed to have the other five pieces printed, packaged, and distributed to their teams across the nation whenever needed. Additionally, the items were not easy to produce − one of the five printed pieces required a custom die to fit the theme of the campaign. Because of the massive quantity of pieces and the custom work, the client was concerned that pricing would make it impossible to see a good return from their efforts.


Because of our partnerships with promotional product retailers, we were able to secure the remaining products that made up the campaign kit and print the custom pieces at a lower cost than the client expected. We were also able to store the clientʼs pre-purchased pieces in our facility using our extensive inventory program. We were able to make the bulk-ordered print and promotional products available for order and ready ship out as soon as they were requested.

Xpressdocs also provided a way to distribute the campaign kits to users nationwide through our marketing platform. We provided a branded platform to the client so they could determine how often reprints of the kits were needed and when inventory needed to be replenished.

With Xpressdocsʼ expertise in print production, inventory management, and marketing campaign management, we were able to step in with an all-in-one solution for the client.


Xpressdocs’ processes effectively saved the client 35% in costs across the entire kit, and as much as 69% on some individual pieces.

The campaign kit system was so successful and convenient to their team that the client has reordered similar quantities multiple times and has added more product varieties to their platform storefront in the years since.

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