Increasing Scalability and Savings

Brand Management Case Study

46.8% increase in orders
$300K+ cost savings

brand mgmt case study


The client, a Medicare-Certified home health care agency founded in 1998, has completed several acquisitions since its inception. Today the client is comprised of more than 200 home health, pediatric, and hospice branches across the United States and serves over 30,000 patients every day.

As their user base got larger and more widespread, the challenge to scale their marketing — and keep costs down — intensified.

Also, there was strong need for customization options and a lower price per item, since volume needs would continue to increase.


The client joined forces with Xpressdocs, a leading provider of on-demand marketing solutions, to help alleviate their growing pains. Xpressdocs first implemented an on-demand portal with sophisticated customization options and created a tier 1 support program to care for the growing number of individual users placing orders online.

Xpressdocs also appointed a dedicated Account Manager to continually customize the client’s on-demand products and programs, create new efficiencies, and identify cost-saving opportunities.


To scale one of the on-demand solutions without risking quality and brand consistency, Xpressdocs’ PreMedia team developed regional templates to alleviate the need for regular updates when local contact information changed. Doing so saved time and costs for both the client and Xpressdocs, ultimately strengthening their win-win relationship.

By adjusting the physical format of patient handbooks — from binder to perfect bound book — the client saved an estimated $303,753 that year and orders for the product increased by 46.8%.

Xpressdocs transitioned the client’s patient education booklets from one-off orders (as needed) to quarterly bulk orders, saving them an additional $30,089.

By working with Xpressdocs, the client was able to deliver quality care to not only their patients, but their employees as well.

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