Spend Less Time Building Marketing Campaigns

and More Time Serving Your Clients.


Our Automated Property Marketing solution instantly generates direct mail pieces for your target prospects (using data we already have in our system) and automatically creates new campaigns and a corresponding mailing list when any changes or additions are made to your data, making it a breeze to get new buyers/sellers.

Once our platform has sent you a new proof, all you need to do is review, approve, and purchase and your mailing is on its way.


Ready to attract new clients and get your time back?

What Makes Automated Property Marketing so Great?

Extra Free Time

With busywork automated, you can focus on more promising tasks (like growing your clientele).

Enhanced Local Marketing

Personalized, integrated messaging can make engagement/response rates skyrocket.

Easily-Integrated Software

Our Automated Property Marketing program integrates with your listing feed, eliminating the need to reenter data or upload photos. Plus, it’s accessible from a mobile device or desktop.

Customizable Options

APM’s on-template editing lets you pre-build options, then easily modify approved designs.

How it Works

Before the magic happens, we work with you to implement listing feeds and make brand-approved designs/content available. Once we have a plan, you:

Ready to attract new clients and get your time back?
  • Select campaign preferences with customizable profiles, upload headshots, and link social accounts.
  • Choose event triggers (just listed/just sold, open house, price change) and product options (auto-generated postcards, flyers, brochures, social media posts, image downloads).
  • Get some popcorn and watch automated property marketing magic happen.
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