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Direct Mail Campaigns—Automate Them Already!

Direct Mail Campaigns—Automate Them Already!

As a marketing expert quickly approaching a new year, you’re likely studying trends and developing strategies to make your customers’ experiences more positive. Along this journey (10,000 leagues under the sea of online advice and data), you may find yourself knee-deep in jargon and statistics.  But at the end, we here at Xpressdocs hope you absorb TWO nuggets of wisdom:

1) Direct Mail Complements Your Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy

There’s an old saying—something about putting too many eggs in a basket—that reminds folks to diversify. This truth certainly applies to modern marketing.


Businesses that concentrate solely on digital communications are missing an incredible opportunity. In fact, studies have shown for several years that direct mail response rates can be up to 30 times higher than digital channels. Sure, people’s reliance on technology means marketers shouldn’t miss that opportunity to connect, but adding tangible, in-person messages to the mix:


  • Fosters human connection – because digital fatigue is real.
  • Creates a stronger impact – because iconic pairings (peanut butter and jelly; Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg; email and direct mail) never go out of style.  
  • Gives customers a more streamlined experience – because from website to mailbox, your job is to meet people where they are.


2) Automating Direct Mail Campaigns Benefits Everyone

So, you’ve accepted that direct mail is awesome. But if you think about what that could mean (real life printing, dealing with a postal service or mailer, creating campaigns), the logistics might feel overwhelming.


That’s where marketing automation steps in. When you let technology take over the manual labor, the gains are plentiful:


  • Cost + Time Savings: This tech means increased efficiencies. Period. When your people don’t have to design, execute, and mail new campaigns, they can spend more time creating killer content and researching/strategizing ways to keep customers knocking down your door. And as repetitive tasks get streamlined, costs go down.
  • Increased ROI with Personalization: Not only does automation software work with your existing CRM to ensure each mailing contains customers’ first and last names, but its analysis capabilities mean you can get to know who uses your business and why. Once you understand their habits and preferences, you can tailor communications to fit. And once it all comes together, your response rates will go crazy (in a good way).
  • Reduced Inaccuracies: If you keep your CRM clean with accurate customer data, you won’t have to worry about your team accidentally typing the wrong address or misspelling a last name.
  • Trackable Results: Although you can track traditional mailings, there’s plenty of legwork involved. When you automate direct mail, you can add QR codes to mail or ask for trackable links that let you view and report on status updates.
  • Streamlined & Diversified Customer Communications: When your process becomes simpler and you mix up how/where/when you message customers (with little effort), you make their interactions with your business more positive. They feel recognized and well cared for. Your team doesn’t fall over from exhaustion. Everyone wins the day.

Amazingmail, Your All-In-One Solution

When you’re ready to welcome direct mail automation into your business, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. The tech has improved year over year and many great brands exist.

So how do you decide where to land?

In situations like this, details matter—the perks that extend past the software itself. That said, we won’t bore you with a list of pros and cons. Instead, we’ll outline what Xpressdocs’ solution, Amazingmail, can do for you…beyond the tech.

With Amazingmail, you get all the benefits listed above (as you would with most automated direct mail solutions on the market). But you can also bank on:

  • In-house printing and mailing: Xpressdocs has a 245,000-square-foot facility with:
  • Digital and offset printing capabilities.
  • A team of shipping/mailing experts armed with the highest level of automation with the U.S. Postal Service (your campaign goods fly out our door in record time).
  • On-site Solutions Consultants: Real people who provide real guidance in real time. Really.
  • Customizable templates: Need help or inspiration with upcoming campaigns? Our clients have access to dozens of pre-designed, pre-written templates ready for personalization.
  • Open API integration: Amazingmail can integrate with any existing CRM or practice management software on the market, so you never have to lose time (and sanity) learning new tech.
  • No monthly subscription fees: You pay a 12-month flat rate based on annual volume (the more you order, the more you save).

Let 2022 be the year of less stress and more success by adding (automated) direct mail to your marketing mix.

For more information about how Xpressdocs and Amazingmail partner with your marketing team to streamline and enhance your methods, head to our website or call us at (866) 977-3627.

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Automating your Direct Mail Campaigns

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