On-Demand Brand Management Solutions for Your Business

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You take great pains to ensure your brand stands out. From logos to messaging, your customers associate your business with quality and consistency, and we want to make sure that never changes. Our marketing software acts as a virtual brand manager that lets you control branding and quality of materials while supporting users who need to generate materials and execute local marketing efforts.


On-Demand Brand Management Solutions for Your Business

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Are you engaging customers with hyper-personalized campaigns? Do you use top-notch promotional gear to keep clients loyal (and employees looking sharp)? Of course you do, and it takes a lot of effort.

Don’t waste an ounce of it chasing vendors; partner with Xpressdocs and reap the benefits.

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To develop campaigns and generate leads, your network needs branded materials and quality technology. With our extensive brand management platform and cutting-edge, easy-to-use marketing software, you get marketing materials on demand that can be mailed or shipped in a single business day.

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Seamless API Integration

Because technology should make life easier, our solutions merge thoroughly with any database, CRM, or other marketing software. Single sign-on gives you complete control over access, while additional integration APIs help users locate templates they need to create marketing materials. If you require our platform to talk to your purchase order system, we can handle that, too.

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Automated Solutions

Modern marketing is all about seeing customers as individuals. Effortlessly customize client communications for lead nurturing campaigns, automated property marketing campaigns, event-triggered mailings, or a combination.

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Complete Pricing Transparency

We design custom solutions based on your unique needs and budget. Our pricing reflects this no-surprises approach. The up-front prices include a low implementation fee and, unlike other brand management companies, we don’t charge licensing fees for our proprietary technology.

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State-Of-The-Art Facility

Your business demands your full attention. You don’t have energy to spare chasing multiple vendors.  Our cutting-edge facility and massive product line mean you get brand management, manufacturing, distribution, and all-star customer support under one roof.

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Sustainable and Streamlined Expansion

Having multiple locations, and more than 6,000 active physicians and 40,000 employees, created a major liability for print and mailing errors. The client struggled with overseeing branded communications, while simultaneously enabling individual users to manage local efforts on behalf of specific locations. Read how Xpressdocs helped with our brand management software.

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Our all-star customer support experts are on standby to answer all of your brand management questions.

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