Vertical Integration -
A Single Vendor to Meet All Your Marketing Needs

One-stop shop for Marketing technology, printing, and distribution

Most vendors provide a limited set of products and services. You shop diligently for the right combination of price, inventory, and service but end up spending more time managing vendors. Between contracts, accounts payable, and relationship management, it’s a lot of effort.

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Simplify Brand and Vendor Management with Vertical Integration

Our state-of-the-art facility houses our technology, marketing, client services, print operations, and distribution teams. With all the experts and the entire production process in one place, we deliver unparalleled consistency, quality, and customer service.

Exclusive Technology

We developed our proprietary brand management platform so you can enjoy benefits you won’t find anywhere else. We offer custom configurations and free access to new features. And we won’t pass excessive licensing, hosting, and maintenance fees on to you.

In-House Printing and Finishing

We proudly print and finish every order in our facility, ensuring consistent color, substrates, and finishing; we deliver superior materials on time that adhere to your brand guidelines. With us, you avoid the challenges that arise with providers who outsource to low-cost producers.

Mail Presort and In-House Logistics

Our in-house list validation and proprietary presort process ensure your direct mail orders come off our presses ready for hand-off to the U.S. Postal Service. Avoid delays that come with end-of-line presort methods or a third-party presort house. We enjoy the highest level of automation with the U.S. Postal Service, so your mail gets to its destination faster. With daily freight to regional USPS distribution centers, you benefit from production time savings and your goods enter the mail stream closer to recipients.

Packaging and Mailing

Our distribution team expertly packages your orders to protect them throughout the journey, whether in the U.S. or worldwide. We partner with leading freight companies to provide ground, 2-day, overnight, and priority overnight services throughout the U.S., and we’ve established shipping lanes to expedite delivery to Canada, the U.K. and European Union countries. Local import partners mean you avoid disruptive customs delays and fees.

Tier-One Customer Support

Your success is our success.

Superior customer support from our U.S.-based contact center is an essential part of our service and comes with every brand storefront we launch. You can reach our representatives by phone, email, and live chat, and they’re supported by integrated CRM and case management (so we never lose track).

We provide monthly performance reports that detail customer satisfaction and net promoter scores, as graded by your brand’s users.


Net Promoter Score


Customer Satisfaction Rating (13 month average)

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With Xpressdocs, you have a partner with complete oversight from order placement through production and distribution. Let’s discuss how we can integrate together or request a demo of our vertical integration.

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