Add a Touch of Elegance to Your Presentations with Unibind

Unibind is a worldwide leading manufacturer of resin steel thermal binding systems and covers. From flexible Soft Covers to fully customizable Hard Covers, Unibind will help you impress potential buyers and sellers.  


Why Choose Unibind Thermal Binding Covers?

Thermal binding is faster, easier, and produces more impressive results than traditional technologies like wire or staple binding. Create high-quality, custom presentations at your office within minutes. Get your message to customers more quickly and enjoy an edge over the competition.

As an exclusive provider of Unibind presentation systems to the real estate industry, Xpressdocs will help you get set up quickly. 

Cover Options

With Unibind Covers, you have several options.

Unicover Flex

The spines of this clear, flexible cover are available in black, dark blue, or white.

Soft Covers

This flexible cover is available in black, dark blue, or white, or you can provide your own full color design. Foil stamping is also available.

Hard Covers

Hard covers come in black, dark blue, white, or with a full color design of your choice. 

Unibind Details

  • Choose from flexible Soft and Hard Covers with multiple customization options.
  • All covers are thermal bound with a patented, cutting-edge binding resin.
  • Pages lay flat when presentations are opened for easy reading and note-taking.
  • Multiple sizes options are available for different page counts.
  • Bind up to 340 sheets (680 pages).


How much does the Unibind thermal binding machine cost?

The Unibinder 60 is available from Xpressdocs at $259.99.

How much do the Unibind covers and enhancements cost?

Please contact Xpressdocs for current pricing and product availability.

What kind of customization options do I have with Unibind?

The standard colors for Unibind covers are black, dark blue, and white. More colors are available by special request. 

Unibind Soft and Hard Covers can be customized by adding a full color image, soft touch coating, or foil stamping (at additional cost).

How long does it take to receive Unibind covers or add them to my account’s inventory?

For custom orders, after designs have been received and approved, you should expect to receive your customized Unibind covers in 4-6 weeks. For non-custom orders, products can be shipped the next business day.

What are the specifications for custom artwork?

Unibind cover specifications for custom cover inquiries are as follows (detailed spec sheets are available to send upon request): 

  • Document size = 489 mm x 323 mm (18.5mm wrap included); Background colors and images must cover the entire document size. 
  • Cover size = 452 mm x 286 mm 
  • Mirror size = 446 mm x 280 mm; Background colors and images must cover the entire document size. 5mm bleed required. 
Can I order a single Unibind cover?

Unibind covers are only sold in boxes. The cover type determines the quantity in each box.  For more information, see the answer to “How many sheets can Unibind covers hold?” below.

We can inventory and distribute large orders for your convenience. 

What if I need to make revisions to my presentation after it is bound?

If you need to add, remove, or rearrange the sheets inside your cover, simply reheat the presentation using your Unibinder machine, make changes, and then bind again.

Do I need to use a specific type or size of paper?

Any type of paper can be used within Unibind covers, but Unibind covers are designed to hold 8.5 x 11” sheets. 

How many sheets can Unibind covers hold?

Unibind covers are available in a variety sizes to a maximum of 340 sheets (680 pages).

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