Capture Customers' Attention

with Print + Video Products

Impress and delight any audience with affordable Video in Print technology that combines a customized print product (book, brochure, folder) with an embedded LCD screen that plays your video messages. 

Print + Video video in print products

Add Excitement to Professional Communications

When you pair print with video, you take both features and create something new and intriguing. Blend old and new. Get creative and have fun with it. Record up to several hours of videos and reinforce your message with a pop of print.

While you’re at it, empower customers to learn about your brand wherever and whenever they want.  Print + Video is portable, includes a rechargeable battery, and has optional video controls for play-on-demand capability. When you make branded materials more lively, you boost retention/conversion rates and increase brand awareness.


Enjoy Endless Possibilities

Print + Video helps communicate complex information clearly and efficiently. Use custom printed video brochures when:

  • Recruiting – attract top candidates with interesting tech.
  • Connecting – embed all your brand, corporate, and franchise communications with fun videos. 
  • Fundraising – use it to appeal to donors.
  • Presenting – keep audiences engaged with inspiring handouts.
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Customize to Perfection

Make Print + Video even more relevant to your business by personalizing every step of the way. Select from various size options or request a custom size to fit your needs. These products come as books, brochures, business cards, presentation boxes, and more!

  • Each piece includes a rechargeable battery, speaker and USB port.
  • Prices ranges from $22 – $85 each (shipping not included).
  • Price varies by format and quantity.
  • Minimum order quantity is 20 pieces.
  • Delivery to the customer is 2 – 3 weeks (following approved art and video content).


What's the minimum order?

We offer quantities starting at 20 units to meet all your demands.

How long will it take to produce the average video brochure?

Production for quantities under 2,000 pieces takes 2-3 weeks. For larger quantities, contact us.

Speak to an Expert
How long will the battery last?

Our standard continuous play time for most of our products are rated at 1.5 – 3.5 hours of continuous play time.

How many times can the battery be recharged?

You can recharge the battery about 500 times or for one year, whichever comes first.

What kind of battery is needed? Is it safe?

We use a lithium ion polymer battery, which includes a safety circuit to prevent damage from overcharging.

Can we change video files in the device?

Yes. Our video in print products are usually configured so you can change or delete the video files. However, if you want to lock the video files, we can provide that option, as well. 

Can you have more than one video?

Yes. Depending on the length of the video, you can have hours of video broken down into smaller videos. For multiple video options we recommend adding video control buttons.

How long of a video can we store in a Video + Print product?

Video length depends on the built-in memory. Our standard memory supports eight minutes of video that is compressed using medium quality video specifications. Our storage memory capacity ranges from eight minutes to two hours of playback.

Can you use different printing techniques?

Yes, we can do many different techniques, like Foil, Emboss, Deboss, Spot UV, and many more.

Can you send me some samples of different formats?

Yes. Sample fees range from $65 to $100 depending on the product sample.

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