Going Green Can Mean More Green in Your Pocket

Green Marketing Strategies

You’ve heard about benefits of going green for years now, but have you thought about how green marketing could actually help your business? Whether you’re a self-employed small business owner or a salaried employee, the benefits of eco-friendly business practices extend to just about everyone.

Operating a greener business can attract new customers, retain existing customers, and provide important links to community members and organizations. Major brands have reaped the benefits of environmentally-friendly practices which not only helps them cut costs, but helps improve their public image with conscious consumers. For example, Adidas has been vocal about its goal to reduce water usage by 50% and energy usage by 20% by the end of 2020. Hewlett-Packard announced in 2016 that it’s “committed to source 100 percent renewable electricity in its global operations” and has a short-term goal of sourcing 40 percent renewable energy by 2020. And the United States Postal Service reports that every year they recycle close to 300,000 tons of paper products through their recycling and waste prevention programs across the country.

At Xpressdocs, we strive to operate as efficiently as possible to reduce waste and conserve energy. We’ve incorporated recycled papers and environmentally-friendly inks to support green manufacturing and make sure you receive an ethical final product – from stamp to seal.

Below, see how making smart decisions about your business’s energy footprint can mean better business.

A greener business can help:

Attract customers who also value going green. Green marketing has become a mainstream marketing tactic for products and services from cosmetics to cars. By highlighting steps you’re taking to make your business more sustainable, you can appeal to conscious consumers who want to support like-minded businesses. In a recent international study, 33% of consumers said they now purchase from brands they believe are environmentally and socially sound. In another study focused on consumer behavior in relation to green marketing, 68% of respondents said they would pay 5-10% more for products that were deemed friendly to the environment. Research shows that it can pay off to invest time and money into creating a more environmentally-responsible business model.

• Cut existing and future costs. There are plenty of legal and tax advantages as well as economic advantages to going green. By implementing energy-saving practices into your business, you can not only reduce energy costs, but possibly paper, transportation, water and waste costs, too. There can be some up-front costs when implementing eco-friendly practices — such as installing water-saving toilets or energy efficient lighting — but your future savings will more than make up for the purchase price. Many businesses that take steps to become more eco-friendly can qualify for tax incentives or grants, too (up to a 30% tax credit for solar or wind energy use!). And with increasing federal and state regulations around businesses’ carbon footprint, staying ahead of environmental efforts could mean avoiding future taxes or penalties. Xpressdocs continues to inspect every aspect of our business — from increasing printing efficiencies to how we recycle paper — so we can become more environmentally-friendly and pass on operating cost savings to you.

• Reduce waste. Waste, by definition, is no longer usable and therefore no longer profitable. By finding ways to reduce your waste — like reducing the amount of purchased materials, reusing more materials, or becoming more strategic about processes that produce waste — you can save money and streamline your work. At Xpressdocs, we’ve seen the benefit of auditing our operations to reduce waste. We’re proud to have been awarded a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain of Custody (COC) certification. Widely promoted by prominent conservation advocacy groups (including Forest Ethics, Greenpeace, and the Sierra Club), the Forest Stewardship Council and its standards “represent the world’s strongest system for guiding forest management toward sustainable outcomes.” We’ve also worked with our vendors so that we use FSC-certified papers.

• Establish relationships in your community. A lot of businesses become more sustainable by simply being more mindful when choosing suppliers or manufacturers. Green procurement is the process of purchasing goods and services that come from companies who practice sustainable business, and is a great first step in becoming a greener business. Partnering with other local companies and suppliers who have taken an initiative to decrease their carbon footprint benefits you by providing opportunities for cross-promotional green marketing. Together, you can spread the word about benefits of green business, while helping to promote each other’s goods and services. And by partnering with local environmental non-profits in your community, you can leverage sponsorships and community events to increase awareness of your brand, while making your community a better place.

By starting to pay more attention to your business’s energy footprint, you can attract more customers, cut costs, become more efficient, establish community relationships, and as a result, increase profits. And of course, promoting a greener workplace and community will reflect in a healthier, happier work environment for you and employees. More environmentally-friendly initiatives can definitely mean more green in your pocket this spring and throughout the year.

If you’re inspired to make some green changes this spring, start with simple changes to your work habits and workspace:

  • Power down your laptop or desktop each evening. According to research from the Department of Energy, nearly 50 devices in the typical American home are using up power when they aren’t in use.
  • Disable your screen saver to decrease unnecessary energy consumption.
  • Add a little “green” to your workspace; plants purify the air and emit oxygen and healthy ions into a room.
  • As much as possible, let natural light brighten your workspace instead of electric light. Not only will it cut down on energy consumption, but natural light has been proven to improve work performance and focus.

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