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4 Branding Buzzwords That are Worth the Hype (and One That Isn’t)

4 Buzzwords for Marketing That are Worth the Hype

Marketing is an evolving discipline, and the importance of brand to the overall image of a company continues to grow. With the prominence of branding comes a lot of related buzzwords – concepts that promise to help you crack the code to branding excellence. These buzzwords may help you think about marketing your brand in a whole new way – or they may not quite live up to the hype. We’ve gathered 4 branding terms that are helpful to understanding how brands influence consumers, and one that may not be. Take a look:

1) Brand Salience

Brand Salience measures the degree to which your brand is thought of, noticed, or considered when a buyer is making a purchase decision.

Is this buzzword worth the hype?

Yes! Brand salience means more than just brand awareness, since it focuses not just on general knowledge, but on how mindful consumers are of your brand when they’re actually ready to make a purchase. A brand is considered to have high salience when customers think of that particular brand first when wanting to solve a problem or meet a need. Amazon is a good example of this – when people are shopping for almost any item online, Amazon is usually their first stop.

You can build up the salience of your brand by increasing your marketing touchpoints – the more a potential customer is exposed to positive experiences with your brand through multiple channels, like digital advertising, emails, social media, and direct mail, the more familiar they will be with your brand when they’re ready to purchase.

2) Brand Purpose

Brand Purpose means exactly what you think it means – the reason your brand exists and what it brings to the market.

Is this buzzword worth the hype?

Yes! Now more than ever, consumers expect companies to stand for something. According to a recent study, more than 80% of US consumers are more likely to have a positive image of, trust in, and be loyal to brands that lead with a purpose. Companies like Patagonia have used brand purpose to their advantage by making sustainability one of the core tenants of their brand. People who share similar values have become loyal customers to the company because of their strong, noticeable purpose.

Consider what the purpose is for your brand, and how you can communicate it to your customers. How are you there to make their lives or the world better?

3) Brand Voice

Brand Voice is a term for the distinct way your brand “sounds.” It encompasses the voice and tone your brand has in written taglines on the website, blogs, social media posts, and in spoken media like podcasts and commercials.

Is this buzzword worth the hype?

Yes! It’s important to think about the unique way your brand sounds to a consumer, and ways you can use it for marketing. Is your brand voice formal and informative? Is it humorous? Sarcastic? Does it produce positive feelings for your customers?

Developing your brand voice is important for brand recognition and salience. If your voice sounds consistent across different channels, your customers will have higher levels of trust in your brand.

4) Brand Experience

Brand Experience encompasses all the emotions, positive or negative, that a consumer feels when they interact with your brand. 

Is this buzzword worth the hype?

Yes! The market is so saturated with options, an emotional connection may be the best way to convince a consumer to purchase from your brand over another. In a recent study, only 39% of decision-makers say their brand resonates with their prospects. That means there is a lot of opportunity for you to set your brand apart from the crowd by creating excellent experiences for your customers. However, it’s important to remember that negative experiences with your brand – in person, on social media, or with your customer service – can affect your customers’ brand experience just as strongly. Do an audit of customer reviews and feedback to make sure the good experiences outweigh the bad.

5) Brand Activation

A Brand Activation is an experience or interaction (usually a specific campaign or special event) that creates a longstanding connection between a brand and a consumer.

Is this buzzword worth the hype?

Maybe. This buzzword seems like a flashy name for the marketing activities you should already be doing. Although representing your brand at events, such as tradeshows, and creating targeted social media campaigns are important ways to interact with potential customers and create positive experiences with your brand, grouping all of your marketing efforts under the umbrella of “brand activation” may not be entirely useful. If you focus on making sure your brand has high salience, a strong purpose and voice, and promotes positive experiences, then it’s already activated.

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