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10 Attributes that Set Xpressdocs Apart from Other Providers

You may know us as a print provider, or as the vendor that hosts your company’s branded storefront. While we are both of those things, Xpressdocs is also so much more. Read on as we introduce (or reintroduce) ourselves and the services that our 175,000 active users know set us apart from other marketing suppliers.

10 Attributes that Set Xpressdocs Apart

1. Our Mission

Attributes that Set Xpressdocs Apart : Our MissionWe’re the real deal, and we’re on mission, which is to help you control your brand. We help our clients do this through:

  • creating, producing, and distributing branded materials, marketing collateral, and communications through customized branded platforms
  • providing products and services that streamline marketing processes and automate tasks to make your life easier
  • helping you build a better brand by providing curated martech solutions you can’t find anywhere else

We are laser-focused on leveraging technology to produce measurable, made-to-order marketing solutions for your brand, with superior customer experience on the side. With our focus on quality and efficiency, our marketing products and services are always evolving to serve you better. And because we do everything from production to shipping ourselves, our vertical integration means we deliver your collateral with extreme speed without sacrificing quality. Here’s a little more about what makes us unique:

2. Marketing Made Simple

Attributes that Set Xpressdocs Apart : Marketing Made SimpleOur platforms, or storefronts, are built just for your brand, making it quick and easy to find and customize marketing materials. We host all of your photos, logos, and headshots free of charge, and we work with your company to design and provide a robust library of approved marketing templates and promotional items so you can create great marketing content fast.

As part of our commitment to providing the best bang for your marketing buck, we have built in loyalty subscriptions so you can get the most out of your partnership with Xpressdocs, including access to exclusive tools and benefits.

3. Superior Quality, Blazing Fast Speed

Attributes that Set Xpressdocs Apart : Superior Quality Blazing Fast SpeedLike we mentioned, we do as much as possible to manage your marketing collateral orders in house from beginning to end. We don’t farm your orders out to other printers, meaning we have a tight grip on quality control and the speed at which your orders are fulfilled. We’re called Xpressdocs for a reason – print-on-demand orders placed before 4 p.m. CT are shipped the same day or in the mail the next business day. (Really.)

4. World Class Customer Support

Attributes that Set Xpressdocs Apart : World Class Customer SupportOur knowledgeable Customer Support Team is US-based and available via phone, chat, or email to provide stellar assistance. Our Customer Experience is consistently ranked at World Class levels, with a 4.8 out of 5 average customer satisfaction score!

5. Certifications and Compliance

Attributes that Set Xpressdocs Apart certifications and complianceWe are serious about meeting the highest level of standards in our industry for quality, security, and sustainability. We are a USPS Manifest Mailer, enjoying the highest level of automation with the U.S. Postal Service and daily freight to their regional distribution centers, so your materials enter the mail stream closer to their targets and reach their destinations faster. We are HIPAA compliant with security measures in place to protect sensitive patient data, and we ensure that products we use come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social, and economic benefits.

6. Extensive Mailing Lists

Attributes that Set Xpressdocs Apart : Mailing Lists for Any CampaignWe don’t just talk the talk when it comes to providing direct mail resources for our clients. We provide mailing list services for radius, demographic and street targeting for any campaign budget. We manage multiple list-building services, complete with CASS and NCOA validation. Also, check out our exclusive tool, EDDM Elite, to target prospects by postal route.

7. Effortless Automation

Attributes that Set Xpressdocs Apart : Effortless AutomationWe play well with others, meaning we integrate with your company’s other systems and tools for a seamless experience. (Check out our APIs.) We also provide a suite of marketing automation tools to help you get marketing materials out the door with the click of a button, such as our award winning Automated Direct Mail solution.

8. Location, Location

Attributes that Set Xpressdocs Apart : Our Central LocationWe are strategically located between the coasts, in the central U.S., close to one of the U.S.’s largest international airports and a major postal distribution and drop center. This means your orders, whether sent through mail or shipped, will arrive at their intended doorsteps at record speeds, no matter where in the country they’re sent. In fact, 85% of U.S. deliveries from our facility arrive within 3 business days. We also have great international distribution options – learn more about Canadian Direct Mail here.

9. We Do It Ourselves

Attributes that Set Xpressdocs Apart : We Do Our Printing In HouseOur 245,000-square-foot facility features a complete collection of digital and offset print manufacturing services to meet any of your print marketing needs. In fact, we are among the largest digital printers for the B2B market in the US., and we have 171 print production machines on site. We use proprietary, highly automated workflows to get your orders out the door, and we have reliable redundancy measures in place, including a Disaster Recovery program to keep your brand collateral safe.

10. Who We Serve

Attributes that Set Xpressdocs Apart : We Serve YOUOur products and services are adaptable to a wide variety of industries, including real estate, home services, healthcare marketing, financial services, and more. We act as a consolidated vendor, providing vertical integration for your distributed needs. We work as member of your marketing team by managing brand compliance, supporting your development team by easily integrating with your existing marketing technology, and allowing your workforce to source what they need when they need it with our procurement options.

The Xpressdocs Difference

Xpressdocs has over 20 years of experience as the provider of unparalleled digital and direct marketing solutions, powering some of the nation’s most recognizable brands. Whether launching a multi-touch direct mail campaign or ordering branded business essentials, our proprietary software houses all the necessary tools to produce brand-approved marketing materials from a single, robust platform. Xpressdocs’ state-of-the-art facility generates an average of 3.2 million pieces of print every week as well as houses an extensive inventory space exclusive to our clients. Xpressdocs’ focus on technology, US-based contact center, and vertically integrated fulfillment capabilities combine to deliver unmatched quality, consistency, and speed to market.

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