Print & Direct Mail Complete Your Marketing Mix

Because digital fatigue is real

Today’s consumers love devices and the convenience of digital communication. Still, studies continuously report that tangible experiences leave a more profound imprint on hearts and minds. Afterall, we’re physical beings, and real-world interactions trump virtual ones.

This idea is the driving force behind print marketing’s impressive return on investment and why direct mail holds steady in a $16 billion industry. Each year, more and more businesses trust the power of print.

Xpressdocs’ Brand Management Platform already helps your clients create amazing marketing designs and communications. Help boost their strategy even further with our print services and direct mail.

We’ve been helping top brands attract and retain their ideal customers for over 20 years. Integrate your existing software with our exclusive technology, and give your clients an effortless way to grow their business with print and direct mail.

Because total world domination happens one mailbox at a time.

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Print and Fulfillment Capabilities

Print Services and Finishing

We offer on-demand digital print services in a variety of formats, from business cards and postcards to multi-panel brochures and inserted letters. With several finishing options, including matte, gloss, and soft touch coatings, your assets stay vibrant and impressive. Our exclusive Postal Protect® coating offers postcards protection from postal machine burn marks.


We offer ground, 2-day, and overnight shipping for distribution in the U.S. with seamless international distribution thanks to our shipping lanes and import partners in Canada, the European Union, and the United Kingdom.


Our processes save time by ensuring your materials hit the mail stream quickly. To expedite delivery, our direct mail products include pre-sort, list validation, and in-house logistics, with support for first-class, standard, saturation, catalogue, non-profit, and Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM) service levels.

We also enjoy the highest level of automation with the U.S. Postal Service, with daily freight to regional distribution centers.

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Why Choose Xpressdocs?

We're All About the Extras!

Your brand reputation is everything. When you partner with us, you get more than a specialized vendor; you get a one-stop-shop. Our collaborative in-house teams ensure quality while delivering five-star customer service, and our extensive lineup of on-site presses, your orders print and ship the same day or mail the next day.

Plus, we offer a variety of API options to complement your workflow, with status callbacks, tracking, and online reporting for full visibility of your orders.

How to Maximize Your Direct Mail Efforts with Xpressdocs

Whether you already have a direct mail plan in play or want to add it to your bag of tricks, these best practices will help you stay competitive:

Make It Personal

Talk to your people like individuals. Use customers’ first and last names — always (anything addressed to ‘Current Resident’ deserves to get tossed).

Why Personalized Marketing Works
Use a Mailing List

When it comes to a stellar direct mail send, few tactics get the job done like a targeted mailing list. Our options let you seek ideal customers by area (neighborhood, zip code, or city) radius (e.g., 10 miles around a central point), or demographic (renters, parents, homeowners, and more).

How to Pair Digital Tech and Direct Mail
Stand Out

You need distinct, eye-catching marketing goods to get noticed. That means you can get inventive, even a little funky, with your mailers. Here’s how:

  1. Folding options: The more recipients can interact with the material, the better. Want to tuck a hidden message or card inside a brochure? We have an option for that.
  2. Texture and coating options: Raised lettering, sandpaper, cutouts — our fancy printing technology can do just about everything. And our coating options include High Gloss UV, Matte, and Soft Touch. You’ll never run out of ways to dress up a mailer around here.
  3. Sizing: We can print your materials in a number of fun sizes. Try a small, large, or XL postcard. We even offer posters, window clings, yard signs, and even wrapping paper (yes, wrapping paper!).
  4. Incorporate video: Take your print marketing to the next level and delight your customers when you incorporate your video with printed collateral.


How to Increase Direct Mail Response Rates
Add Direct Mail to a Digital Campaign

The surest way to improve your email marketing is to add a direct mail component. Yep, studies have shown that campaigns that combine digital and direct mail perform significantly better than digital only.

5 Biggest Myths About Direct Mail
Set a Trigger & Automate Your Campaign

Want to hand off the manual labor to technology? Of course you do. With AmazingMail®, our Automated Direct Mail solution, your customers’ preferences and buying habits lead the way. All you do is set a trigger (e.g., birthday, service anniversary, appointment), and when the time comes, our software will send a postcard or other direct mail piece to their door within one business day. One!

Automate Your Direct Mail Campaigns
A Valuable Partner for a Branding Agency

“They are faster than others in the industry and the quality of their work is remarkable. Xpressdocs makes us look good in front of our clients!”

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