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4 Seamless Ways to Pair Tech with Your Direct Mail Marketing Strategy

4 Seamless Ways to Pair Tech with Your Direct Mail Marketing Strategy

Here’s one of the coolest things about direct mail – although it’s been around a long time, (since 1872 in its modern form), it’s highly adaptable to new innovations in marketing. When you use direct mail as part of your marketing strategy, it doesn’t have to stay in its lane. In fact, when used alongside digital strategies, direct mail actually improves the overall performance of a campaign.  

You may be skeptical, but direct mail really can be an important part of your modern marketing mix. Here are some practical ways to incorporate direct mail with technology for exciting results:

Automated Direct Mail

Direct Mail doesn’t have to be an analog process. It can be automated with a little help from software and your CRM. Automated Direct Mail sends out your mailings based on triggers that you set up, so if you have a lawncare business and want to send out reminders that it’s time to prep lawns for spring, you can have them scheduled and ready to go way back in December. The automated software works with your CRM to send these reminders out automatically, on the date you schedule, without hours of sorting and stamping postcards by your team.

QR Codes

A seamless way to incorporate tech into your direct mail pieces is by adding a QR Code to your postcards. Now that so many people are familiar with QR Codes from their use in restaurants, your prospects are already primed for this type of tech. They can quickly scan the code and link to a special campaign landing page, your social media accounts, or to a customer interest survey to find out more about your business. Using a QR Code will also provide easy data to track how many people are interested in your message.

Mailing Lists (EDDM)

Customer mailing lists have become more and more sophisticated along with the databases that house them. The best lists are updated and cleaned monthly or bimonthly, making it easier than ever to verify correct mailing addresses so you get fewer returns to sender. One aspect of mailing list tech that really stands above the rest is Every Door Direct Mail, where you can target a specific neighborhood or zipcode for your campaign. This is easy to do with Xpressdocs’ EDDM Elite solution.

Partner with Digital Marketing

According to the Multichannel Marketing Report’s 2019 study, direct mail response rates are 28% higher when combined with a digital tactic, which goes to show direct mail and digital work better together. Making a sale is all about wracking up those touchpoints and presenting prospects with unique opportunities to connect with your brand. You’ll make much more of an impression on a potential customer if you pair an email campaign with a postcard mailer or use automated direct mail to trigger a mail piece when they fill out a form on your website. The possibilities are endless.

Incorporating tech into your marketing strategy, even with direct mail, is easier than you’d expect, and the results are impressive. Xpressdocs has been in the direct mail marketing game for over 20 years, and we have the expertise to help your campaigns truly produce results. Check out other resources on our blog for building a winning marketing strategy.

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