Integrated Mobile Marketing with QR Codes

Mobile marketing with QR codes, also known as Quick Response codes, enable smartphone users to scan the code directly to their phone and obtain additional information, offers or register for giveaways.  QR codes work very well with printed material, allowing companies to use direct mail or other printed sources to connect to their online content.  However, it is important to keep some key points in mind when running an integrated campaign using mobile marketing with QR codes.

Requirements for Mobile Marketing with QR Codes

In order for a customer to access information contained in a QR code, they must have a phone with a camera, Internet access on their phone, and they must download a QR code reader application to the phone. They are widely available for free for both android and iOS phones. There are some smartphones that already have the reader installed, making a download unnecessary in those cases.

QR codes have been used extensively in Japan since the mid-1990s, but are relatively new in the United States; therefore, it is highly recommended that instructions for using the QR code be included in the information provided by the marketing material. The direct mail piece should also include an alternative method for accessing the information contained in the QR codes for customers who may not yet have smartphones or just don’t want to use it.

More Work so Higher Expectations

It is also important to remember that scanning a QR code is additional work for the customer, so they are expecting a special value that is not available to customers who do not use the code.  Customers will expect deeper discounts, exclusive offers and other special values beyond what they can receive if they just walk in to the business on their own.  In addition, it is important to be sure that, if you are linking the QR code to a website, that the site be mobile-friendly, as most mobile devices are unable to access highly complex websites.

Choose Correct QR Code

Size matters. Small or complex QR codes can actually work against the company.  Smartphone cameras with less than 4 megapixels, such as some iPhone and Blackberry devices, cannot scan QR codes that are less than 1×1 square inch, and most phones cannot scan QR codes with complex information.  Making the codes too small or too complex may frustrate the customer and could result in a less-than-successful marketing campaign.

Online QR code generators are generally easy and free (or inexpensive) to use and offer many types of codes with a variety of features including tracking and analytics. Some also allow for customization, such as including your logo inside the code graphic.

Before including a QR code in your advertising campaign, test the code using a variety of employee smartphone types or an online QR code tester to be sure the scanning works properly.

QR codes enable you to create a direct mail marketing campaign while integrating the online community that the company has developed.  Mobile marketing with QR codes engage the customer, allowing them to get instant information or benefits from your company.  For more information on running an integrated marketing campaign using QR codes, contact us.

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