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Summer Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Leads

It’s the hottest time of year, and the hottest time of year for real estate. However, if your new leads list isn’t quite as long as previous years, you’re in good company. As 2024 continues to be a challenging year in the industry with litigation, low inventory, and mortgage rates that just won’t budge, you may be wondering how to grow and maintain your farm in these conditions.

Lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place for marketing ideas to grow your real estate lead generation this summer. Let’s dive into some tips on content marketing and how it can help you get a strong return on investment this summer.


real estate marketing idea 1 content marketing

Tip #1: Make a Splash into Content Marketing this Summer

Our best advice to build a foundation that will attract leads time and time again is to increase your investment in content marketing. But what is content marketing? Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing relevant content at consistent intervals to attract leads and retain your contact base.

Instead of pitching your products or services, content marketing is written or recorded material that provides useful and entertaining information to your potential customers. It builds trust, brand awareness, and customer loyalty that will ultimately drive leads and close deals.

real estate marketing idea 2 dontlimityourself

Tip #2: Don’t Limit Yourself When It Comes to Content Marketing

Content marketing can be sent out in print or digital formats, and it can be written or recorded. Some popular types of content marketing are:

  • Blog Posts
  • Newsletters
  • Postcards
  • Social Media Posts
  • Short-form Videos

When you decide to start investing in content marketing, don’t limit yourself to one or two types. The exciting thing about the content you create is that it can be reused and revised into various formats. Let’s dive a little deeper into the most produced type of content marketing:

Blog Posts

Did you know that companies with active blogs produce 67% more active leads per month than those without an active blog? Starting a blog on your personal real estate website could be a big driver of leads, since updating your blog with posts on a weekly or bi-weekly basis can help boost the SEO of your site. Blogs are also a great place to show off your real estate expertise.

Maintaining an active blog is more possible than ever with the introduction of AI tools such as ChatGPT. Do you have a great idea for a post but don’t know where to start? AI can help you get the ball rolling. Don’t rely on AI for the entire written product though. Part of good content marketing is allowing your own voice and expertise to shine through as part of your personal brand, and AI just can’t replicate your uniqueness. Less than 3% of bloggers use AI to write entire blog posts, but 43% use them to generate ideas, which can save you a lot of the writing grunt work.

real estate marketing idea 3 use newsletter marketing

Tip #3: Use Newsletters to Market Yourself as a Real Estate Expert

What’s the difference between a blog and a newsletter? A blog may not follow a set schedule, and topics may range more broadly. The audience accesses your blog by going to your website, but a newsletter goes out to them, whether digitally or by mail. Newsletters are a longer-format type of content marketing that can be sent out quarterly or monthly.

A good real estate newsletter will have a mixture of helpful information about the market or answer questions about the buying or selling process. There is often a section for tips about a related topic like home maintenance, insurance, landscaping, etc., and something entertaining like a recipe or a personal note from the agent.

Newsletters can be particularly useful for real estate lead generation because:

  1. You’re providing a service (sharing your expertise) directly to your leads’ homes (without any effort on their part).
  2. You’re providing the information in context. (You’re sending the newsletter about buying/selling a home, home maintenance, etc., to the recipients’ homes. This primes them to consider whether they’re ready to enter the market and gives them an agent to call. You!)
  3. There are even more benefits that we cover here.

Feeling overwhelmed by the idea of writing your own newsletter? Xpressdocs has you covered with our prewritten, set-and-go Scheduled Campaigns, our new automated newletters solution.

real estate lead generation marketing idea 4 send postcards to contacts

Tip #4: Use Postcards for an Easy and Accessible Touchpoint with Your Contacts

Think of a content-focused postcard campaign as a shorter newsletter. On a postcard, you can summarize the most important tips or facts from your newsletters into a bite-sized message for your recipients. These can be sent out on a similar schedule to a print newsletter while still acting as a touchpoint with your prospect base.

Postcards are a great vehicle for many different types of content:

Not sold on direct mail as an avenue for growing your leads? Check out these 6 Ways to Utilize Direct Mail for Acquisition and the reasons behind it (high ROI)!

2 More Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Online Presence:

Social Media Posts

Of course, social media is a major part of any well-rounded content marketing strategy. It’s free to post content on social sites, and with a consistent strategy and posting schedule, you can successfully build your online presence. Here are 7 Social Media Tips for Real Estate.

Short-form Videos

Short-form videos, like what you see on TikTok, Facebook Stories, and Instagram Reels, are the fastest growing type of content on social media sites. Many real estate agents have found success by posting short videos of home tours, market information, or just themselves explaining a tricky real estate concept.


real estate marketing idea 5 increase touchpoints with content marketing

Tip #5: Increasing Your Touchpoints with Content Marketing is Key

Content marketing is just another way to increase the number of times you’re getting your face and information in front of potential clients. It’s often said in the marketing world that a potential customer will need at least 7 “touches” from a brand, whether that’s through email, social media, print marketing, a blog, etc., to make a purchase. The benefit of content marketing is that it’s a win-win. You’re getting your name out to clients while also providing them with useful information for their daily lives. Content marketing will help you break through the hazy summer days so you can get more leads and build your farm. Here’s to a productive and content-led summer!

Looking for More Marketing Ideas? Xpressdocs Can Help

With over 20 years in the business, Xpressdocs has the marketing tools real estate agents need to thrive. Looking for more summer marketing tips? Check out 10 more sizzling summer tips for real estate, and how UV coating can protect your materials from summer heat.

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