The Perfect Season to Grow Your Business with Marketing

Spring Real Estate Marketing Tips

The busy season, spring, is now upon us! Colder, darker days are a thing of the past, which means the real estate market is stirring.

Homebuyers and sellers are coming out of the shadows, and you need to warm up your marketing efforts so you don’t miss out on opportunities to bring in business.

If you’re in need of motivation, here’s a list of reasons you shouldn’t sit on the sidelines this spring:

  • First impressions are crucial, and nice weather adds warmth to available properties, inviting interested shoppers.
  • People are psychologically geared up to get out and do new things – like visiting an open house perhaps.
  • With weekends to complete renovations around the house, home values tend to grow.
  • Tax returns mean interested buyers could have extra cash on hand for down payments.
  • The number of spring shoppers hitting the market this season, combined with a very limited inventory, creates the perfect opportunity to convince potential sellers it’s an ideal time to list their home. 
  • An increased volume of interested buyers creates competition to outbid each other on homes hitting the market.

Speed-to-market and visibility are crucial in this competitive climate, so your marketing needs to be regular and effective. But time is one of your most limited resources – we know.

 Save yourself time and stress following these helpful tips:

  • Brainstorm marketing ideas in one, easy-to-access location (like a note in your smartphone or a travel-sized notebook) so you don’t scramble last minute.
  • Plan your marketing campaigns well in advance to avoid getting caught off guard and sacrificing revenue-driving opportunities (but if you do have a last minute marketing need… we’re called Xpressdocs for a reason!)
  • Block off time in your schedule to flesh out strategies and determine logistics without distractions!
  • Automate your marketing efforts as much as possible – this includes developing content and direct mail pieces ahead of time with a pre-scheduled publish or send date.

Remember, if you plant the seeds of success now, you can focus on your growing customer base all season long.

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