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MarTech Buzzwords – 5 Terms That are Worth the Hype

The technology revolution continues, and it’s changing the way we market in real-time. With the explosion of new marketing strategies, tools, platforms, and terms, you may be wondering which buzzwords are worth paying attention to, and which ones merit a skip. To help you stay up to date with which MarTech buzzwords are worth the hype, we’ve gathered five of the most promising new terms:

MarTech Stack

Short for marketing technology stack, this term means the grouping of marketing technologies and products marketers use to make processes and activities easier.

Is this buzzword worth the hype?

Yes. The marketing landscape – and the technology landscape- are constantly changing, so it is helpful to have a catch-all word to define the evolving software, digital products, and tech processes marketers use day to day. A MarTech Stack can include your company’s content management system (CMS), advertising technology, email, analytics, social media, SEO, and more.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is software that is used to automate routine or repetitive marketing tasks without human action.

Is this buzzword worth the hype?

Absolutely! If you haven’t yet automated any of your marketing processes, you’re missing out on major time and money savings. For example, if you use marketing automation for direct mail, all you need to do is set up your campaign one time, and postcards will be sent out to your prospects based on an automatic trigger. This saves you and your team the time you would have spent manually sending the campaign and the money that would have been lost in those inefficient labor hours.

Programmatic Marketing

Programmatic marketing is the automatic purchase and distribution of digital advertising by AI-powered software.

Is this buzzword worth the hype?

Yes. Any opportunity to automate your marketing strategy and save labor hours for your team should be welcome in your MarTech stack. Who wouldn’t want to harness the AI algorithm to place your advertising where it has the greatest chance of producing a solid ROI? With programmatic marketing, you can create hyper-specific ads for different audiences, and the ads are optimized and updated in real time. This emerging advertising channel should be in heavy consideration for your brand this year.


The metaverse is a virtual-reality space in which users can interact with a computer-generated environment and other users in real time.

Is this buzzword worth the hype?

Yes. Although the metaverse is in its early stages and successful marketing strategies for brands are not yet mapped out, early adopters have a lot to gain. Some brands, such as Vans and Gucci, have already debuted virtual experiences in the Roblox metaverse that are fostering awareness and engagement with their brands. Even small businesses can get in on the trend by sponsoring a booth at a virtual conference or creating a unique brand-related experience for consumers. The metaverse holds untapped potential your brand if you get creative with how to interact with prospects in these new, virtual worlds.


Web3 is the name of the next (theoretical) version of the internet – built on blockchain and decentralized, rather than controlled by entities such as governments or corporations.

Is this buzzword worth the hype?

Maybe. Web3 has not yet arrived, but it’s definitely worth keeping a pulse on this term while you’re forecasting your marketing strategy over the next few years. If it goes live, this version of the web will be closely linked to (and possibly experienced through) the metaverse, so any plans you have for marketing in the metaverse will probably be backed up by Web3. You may think this MarTech term isn’t worth the hype, but, as history has taught us, the longer you wait to understand the direction the internet is moving in, the harder it is to catch up. The same goes for your marketing.

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