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Marketing Automation and Why You Need It

On a slow day, marketing professionals (psst, that means you!) complete a HIIT workout of market research and strategy development/implementation, followed by some hard-core tracking and analysis. The tasks require specialized knowledge and skill, and once you catch up with trends and technology…things change. It’s like tap dancing on a fault line.

But every so often, life hands you a snow cone.

If you’ve been paying attention, you know that marketing automation is technology’s answer to all your busywork problems. By streamlining mundane workflows like email distribution, targeted direct mail campaigns, and data collection, it gives you sweet relief from minutiae and lets you focus on more important tasks—like growing your business.

So, if your team hasn’t yet found the bliss that is all things marketing automation, let us offer a few reasons to get you some.

Extra Time AND Money

Marketing represents a balance of business and art, so many of its experts rely heavily on creativity. And you know what destroys a creative mind? Busywork.

When you use tools that expedite the unpleasantness, your team stays engaged, upbeat, and ready to create outstanding, strategic content that propels business forward.

Now—if time is money (you know it is) and automation saves time…you get where this goes. It works because when labor costs no longer dominate your marketing budget, you can afford other essentials like premium ads, elite talent, and fancy promotional gear.

Strengthened Partnership Between Sales and Marketing

Like twin siblings, these departments both rely on and torment one another (in a good way). Sales nags marketing for more/better leads, and marketing berates sales for wasting the hard-earned leads they provided. Not anymore, people!

Automation, by design, prompts an avalanche of prospects because it allows you to cast a wider net. And more targets mean greater opportunities for sales to close the deal. Both sides take the win and lots of hugging ensues.


As your marketing efforts begin to bear fruit, mostly great things happen. People flock to your business and revenue soars. At the same time, your current tech must keep up with growth, and if you plan to keep growing (of course you do), you need a long-term solution.

A comforting attribute of marketing automation is its ability to support your company at every stage. Whether your customer base be small (thanks Mom) or mighty, automated solutions set the ceiling at…limitless.

Easy Measurability

Ah, metrics. You know you love ‘em.

Any marketing software worth its salt has built-in reporting, which is critical for this data-driven world. You need to know what works and what doesn’t, and nothing paints a clearer portrait than a premium marketing automation solution.

Final Thoughts

These benefits represent mere sprinkles on the yummy cupcake that is marketing automation, because the convenience and efficiency your team can enjoy with this tech is immeasurable.

If you seek regained hours, cost savings, improved reach, and synergized marketing and sales teams but aren’t sure where to turn, Xpressdocs offers a wealth of automated solutions for social media, direct mail campaigns, and more. And with us by your side, you also get on-demand branded collateral, a vendor for promotional products, and one day turnaround for mailing/shipping.

Because fruitful marketing doesn’t have to trigger headaches.

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