10 Ways You Can Improve Your Real Estate Marketing Mix with Xpressdocs

Xpressdocs has the perfect solutions for improving your real estate marketing mix.  One of the most difficult tasks for any real estate agency is developing real estate marketing strategies that stand out from other agencies and grab the attention of consumers.  Xpressdocs offers ten easy methods for improving any real estate marketing mix.

10 Real Estate Marketing Mix Tips:

Use QR Codes

QR Codes are an easy way to extend the efforts of your marketing campaigns. A QR, or Quick Response, Code is a type of barcode printed on your marketing materials that embeds a significant amount of information, including websites, video, social media links, or contact information, enabling users to access the information using their smartphone. Consumers download a QR Code application to their smartphone and use the device to scan the code, which may take them to social media site, a mobile website, or even sign them up for benefits.

Leverage Social Media

In today’s society, agencies and agents need to include social media as part of the real estate marketing mix, but harnessing and monetizing the many different social media sites can be difficult.  Xpressdocs offers Social HQ, an easy-to-use social media management tool featuring a content library, online reputation management tools, lead generation tools, tracking capabilities and analysis tools at very competitive prices.  The system helps save time, increase visibility, and offers measurable results for any real estate social media marketing efforts.

Grow Your Audience with Mailing List Services

The power of targeted marketing is at agents’ fingertips with Xpressdocs List Services.  Mailing lists filtered by geography, homeownership, income, gender, and more provide significant benefits to an agency’s real estate marketing mix ensuring that your marketing efforts are targeted to the right audience. Along with the list building capabilities, agents can also upload and store their own client-specific lists.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is as important to any real estate marketing mix as social media is in today’s electronic world.  Not only is email marketing an affordable marketing tool, it is one of the best ways to turn prospects into clients that are more likely to respond to your real estate marketing strategies.  Reporting tools provide measurable results as well.

Print and Direct Mail Solutions

Print marketing and direct mail solutions are an essential part of any agent’s real estate marketing mix.  Whether an agency needs postcards, brochures, rack cards, business cards or stationery, Xpressdocs specializes in a variety of beautifully designed templates within an easy-to-use ordering system. And, whether agents need to market properties or brand themselves, Xpressdocs solutions are designed to help agents reach the intended target market.

Landing Pages

As social media evolves, real estate agents strive to find the best way to connect with potential and current customers through both traditional methods and using social media outlets.  XpressLinks™, a service offered through Xpressdocs, enables agents to share their direct marketing campaigns online by creating a landing page featuring their printed direct mail piece. They can then share it with their social media network, driving business to their real estate agency via multiple sources.

Brand Consistency

Brand consistency is important for agencies and agents. Xpressdocs’ marketing platform enables users to choose from an extensive assortment of campaign materials and real estate marketing templates branded for their business with areas for logo and contact information. Xpressdocs’ cutting-edge technology and rich content can make any real estate marketing mix more effective.

Seasonal Marketing

It is important for agents to diversify their marketing, and that is why Xpressdocs offers seasonal marketing products to spice up any real estate marketing mix. Marketing to customers year-round will keep agencies at the front of their minds when choosing to buy a property. Choose fun and exciting postcards for spring, summer, fall and winter. Xpressdocs also offers general marketing services, such as information about search engine optimization, marketing strategies, lead generation, and customer retention

Quality Marketing

With Xpressdocs as part of the real estate marketing mix, agents know that their printed collateral will be of the best quality due to our process automation, which reduces the number of human touches during the printing process and limits the potential for error.  However, important human oversight still exists throughout the process to ensure the ultimate in quality control.

Integrated Marketing

Since people get their information from so many different sources it is important for agents to engage their customers through all types of channels. By using Xpressdocs services, agents gain access to an easy-to-use marketing platform, branded print and direct mail templates, online marketing tools, industry specific information, a full content library, tracking and reporting tools, training videos, and a better way to manage their real estate marketing mix—all of which are designed to ensure the agents are reaching the most leads and potential customers.

If you are a real estate agent or an agency looking for the best real estate marketing mix, contact Xpressdocs and learn how they can help you with your real estate marketing strategies.


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