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5 Mistakes to Avoid with Postcard Marketing

5 Mistakes to Avoid with Postcard Marketing

Yes, postcard marketing is still alive and kicking, but in this age of limited time and even more limited attention spans, creating a strong postcard campaign requires special planning and execution. So, before you hit the streets with your next marketing blitz, avoid these common pitfalls:

Mistake #1: Keeping Content Too General
Although the goal of postcard marketing is to increase awareness and encourage recipients to try your business, you shouldn’t generalize messaging so much that it gets lost in the junk mail shuffle. To grab people’s attention, a postcard should contain a clear, personalized message.

Consider a few examples:

  • A realtor looking to attract more clients would get better results from a campaign that invites people to an open house, rather than a postcard full of stock real estate photos and agency details.
  • A new retailer can get more foot traffic with a postcard containing a discount offer, instead of one that simply announces the business address.
  • A dentist can highlight a specific treatment or offer a limited-time promotion instead of embracing a simple We’d like your business

Hint: Avoid the temptation to focus exclusively on your business. Remember, it should be about solving your prospects’ problems.

Mistake #2: Forgetting the Call to Action
So what? That’s what recipients will think if you don’t encourage them to DO SOMETHING!

Be clear. Keep it brief. But ask folks to take action. Otherwise, you’ll hear crickets. Common calls to action go something like:

  • Call today to learn more about this special offer.
  • Order by ________ and save 20%.
  • Present this card for a free gift.

Mistake #3: Mailing Once
Every type of marketing needs fine-tuning. While you might be tempted to give up after a single round of less-than-ideal results, it sometimes takes a steady drip campaign to make an impact. If you can’t tell if your message is resonating, try testing out multiple messages with different target audiences to see what works best. Track results by having different calls to action.

Mistake #4: Sticking to Postcards Only
Many novice marketers make the mistake of creating a postcard in a vacuum, but these mailers should never stand alone. Instead, treat the postcard as a single component in a larger digital and direct marketing program. Every marketing tool, whether a single 3×5 postcard or a targeted mobile ad, should work with every other piece to build brand awareness and generate a positive customer response.

Mistake #5: Second Guessing the Effectiveness of Direct Mail
With increased push toward digital communication, many professionals underestimate the power of handheld ads. But the thing is, getting mail is still fun, and many people like messages that don’t pop up on a screen.

In fact, a study by the U.S. Postal Service found that a whopping 88% of Millennials take the time to read through their mail. That statistic alone should make you rethink and possibly reset your customer acquisition/engagement strategy…especially if your emails keep ending up in recipients’ junk folders.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what not to do, you can nail your next postcard campaign. If you’re ready to make direct mail your next pet project but need a hand designing, printing, or mailing your postcards, remember—Xpressdocs has everything you need to simplify and amplify your efforts. From design templates and mailing lists (your campaigns need a strategic audience) to high-tech printers and in-house mailing, our one-stop-shop handles the heavy lifting.

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