Coldwell Banker Postcards

Coldwell Banker Postcards

Whether you need to reach a young couple buying their first home or a wealthy client selling their luxurious estate, Coldwell Banker postcards will leave the impression you want. But only if you do it right, which often takes time and money — time and money that top-performing real estate agents simply don’t have.

If you use the Xpressdocs Marketing Platform, though, you’ll be certain every client who receives one of your postcards has the luxurious experience they deserve. Plus, you won’t have to break the bank to do it.

Xpressdocs makes sending Coldwell Banker postcards easy with turnkey templates for — among many others — just listed, just sold, or seasonal postcards. Xpressdocs also provides a high-end collection of Coldwell Banker Global Luxury postcards for agents focused on the luxury market. The postcards are available in a variety of sizes, from small all the way up to extra-large.

See what it’s like to design and send professional postcards with Xpressdocs as your partner. To create your Coldwell Banker postcard, log into your Coldwell Banker works account and enter Xpressdocs in the search window.

Coldwell Banker postcards
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