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Mailing List Services

Xpressdocs partners with various third-party list services, providing access to a database of millions of qualified households and businesses. By using our targeting capabilities, we help you create the perfect list for your marketing efforts and increase results by focusing on the consumers most likely to respond. Additionally, we give you the ability to discover new markets and sales opportunities while lowering your cost of acquisition.

Our database is compiled from a variety of sources including White and Yellow Page directories, public records, catalog purchases, surveys, publications, state and government sources, and more. We update our lists monthly or bimonthly, and lists are regularly cleaned using the U.S. Postal Service National Change of Address (NCOA®). With one of the widest selections of customer selection criteria available, you can be sure to find the best prospects for your marketing efforts. 

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Using Xpressdocs’ list-building services

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Street Lists

Geographic Targeting

Target your prospects wherever they are and increase your direct mail response rates. Our list-building services give you the ability to define your reach with geographic preferences.

Street Search allows you to pinpoint addresses on a particular street for your list – a perfect option for targeting the neighbors of past and current clients.

Build a list targeting prospects surrounding a specific center point – residences, territories, or anywhere you’re looking to expand your business. Radius lists are excellent for targeting residences near your business location, within a sales territory, or in an area you’ve previously done business. You pick your center point, desired address type, and quantity.

Demographics Lists

Demographic Search

We also provide options for you to increase the precision of your targeting by adding consumer demographic filters. Gain access to millions of household and business records nationwide! Prices begin as low as 5¢ per record with a minimum requirement of 100 addresses per demographic search.

  • Geography (ZIP, Radius, or Street)
  • Homeowner or Renter
  • Income Range
  • Lifestyle Information
  • Purchasing Information
  • Age
  • Gender
  • And more!
  • Area Codes, ZIPS, and Radius
  • SIC Codes (1 or many)
  • Sales Volume (Range)
  • Number of Employees (Range)

Upload Your Own Lists

Upload Your Own

You can upload, store, and manage your lists at no charge with Xpressdocs if you have an existing mailing list of current and/or prospective clients. We will CASS certify your list before each mailing to improve delivery.

Intelligent Mail Barcodes

Increase the impact of your targeted list by taking advantage of Intelligent Mail Barcodes (IMb). IMbs increase the ability to track your letters and flats throughout the mail stream and improve delivery.

Xpressdocs has the ability to print IMbs for those who wish to take advantage of automation discounted pricing and mail their own marketing pieces.

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