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Targeted Facebook Campaigns with Xpress Social Ads

Reach more people and get more leads today!

Xpressdocs has partnered with Social Made Simple to provide real estate professionals an affordable Facebook ad creation and distribution tool — Xpress Social Ads.

Xpress Social Ads automatically generates compelling Facebook ads and landing pages from listing information to promote just listed, just sold, open house, and price change properties. Our proprietary “Likely Mover Profile” program then targets ads based on data points fitting the listing’s price, location, property type, and more. And with real-time notification, Xpress Social Ads seamlessly transforms prospects into leads.


Boost Your Visibility

Deliver tested, compelling messaging through their Facebook.

Reach the Neighborhood

Our advanced Likely Mover Profile displays your ads to qualified people in the area.

Get Instant Leads

We simplify the process for a user to become a lead — and you get immediate notifications!

Want to learn more? Check out this video to see how Xpress Social Ads can be used to create lead generating Facebook ads for you.


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