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Don’t Underestimate These Marketing Automation Trends

Marketing automation—in the name of getting to the point quickly, we’ll assume you already know and worship its might.

Because marketing is…well, tricky, its technology must constantly adapt. Automation looks far more sophisticated today than it did a few years back. Thus, we’ve compiled a list of the trendiest new ways top companies are using marketing automation today.

Hyper Personalization (Yes, you can take it further)

Unfortunately, slipping a customer’s first name into messages no longer makes the cut. Today’s top brands are going beyond names, company names and location, using behavioral data—customers’ real-time interactions with your business—to provide a hyper-personalized experience.

This marketing voodoo might look something like this:

A prospect spends about five minutes on your pricing page but leaves without making a purchase. This behavior triggers your automation software, and it sends an email or other communication that initiates a conversation about pricing.

When your technology can segment users and send trigger-based messages, you’ll see the true power of personalization. Plus, your business will:

  • Send only relevant messages
  • Create a more streamlined, positive customer experience
  • Outpace your competition

Voice Search

As smart speakers grow in popularity (We dare you to not know at least one person with an Echo, Nest, or HomePod), consumers get more comfortable relying on voice search over other methods.

This trend means companies wanting to keep up will need to look into technology and potential use cases. Hint: No, you can’t just say, “Hey, Siri, grow my business.” Instead, consider the following:

  • Voice search can be an SEO gold mine, but make sure to keep things simple and conversational.
  • Try a quick Google search for primary key words, and remember to check out the People also ask section.
  • Keep it local with location-based keywords.

AI for Content Marketing, Email, and SEO

It’s happening. Machine learning has paved the way for large-scale content overhaul.

At this point in our evolution, AI-powered tools can help you write (yup, WRITE) and deliver content faster. Marketing strategists, you’ll love generating emails, blogs, even ad copy with a click.

Copywriters, don’t panic. This tech also throws ideas, hooks, and messaging angles your way, helping you create unique subject lines, blog topics, and more! Plus, SEO tools can help you find top-ranking articles, provide keywords, and even give you handy metrics (monthly search volume, keyword difficulty, SERPs).

So, the next time you sit down with a deadline, let automation software pick the best sources, create a blog outline, and score your article from an SEO perspective.

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Inter-Departmental Cohesion

Though both marketing and sales departments play a vital role in scoring leads, the two teams sometimes struggle to operate cohesively.

Marketing Automation can change that.

Imagine this scenario: Your automation platform integrates with your CRM, which your team meticulously maintains, allowing sales and marketing to set criteria for a sales-qualified lead. This setup then helps them determine when and on what platform to nurture the budding lead. Business grows because everyone has access to the same rich information. Everyone gets a raise. Everyone high fives.


Here’s a marketing trend worth writing down: one-way customer communication is outdated. Have a conversation.

Today’s technology makes it possible to engage meaningfully with customers in real time. Chatbots have become more human than ever, and they can run 24/7…while you sleep.

As to the argument that businesses still need a human touch? We agree. So, don’t use automated chatbots in place of real people, operate them alongside their breathing counterparts.

Example: commonly asked questions can merit automated replies, but once an inquiry gets complex, let a human take over.

With this plan in mind, here are a few Chatbot Best Practices to consider:

  • Customers don’t want to interact with an obvious bot, so personify yours. Give them images, names, and personalities.
  • Make their speech as human-like as possible.
  • Don’t try to fool people into thinking they’re dealing with humans. Always be honest about chatbots.


Big brands have relied heavily on a mobile-first strategy for years, and today is no exception. That means martech tools like push notifications, in-app ads, and accelerated mobile pages (AMP) will become more popular than ever.

Content Management Across Multiple Platforms

Some of the coolest automation tech on the market lets you reach out, depending on the customer’s journey, across various marketing channels.

Send a follow-up email when a prospect visits your website or social media page. Email a link to your blog post that’s similar to one they recently read on your page. Mail a postcard offering 25% off on a customer’s service anniversary.

For maximum benefits, you should:

  1. Map customer touchpoints and understand their preferred methods of communication
  2. Create a communication strategy that mixes online and offline tools (website, social media, direct mail)
  3. Use consistent tone and messaging across channels

To make everything come together, the software must integrate data so the communication across platforms is seamless.

You might also know this strategy as omnichannel marketing. Whatever you call it, it works, and marketing automation makes it possible.

…Speaking of Your Marketing Automation Mix

It looks like 2022 will be a hot year for marketing automation. From converting leads and engaging customers to promoting your services in local neighborhoods, today’s automated technology can do it all.

If you’re curious about what solutions might work best for your business and want some expert guidance, check out Xpressdocs’ automated options or request a demo. We’ve provided direct marketing solutions to top brands for over two decades…and we’re still not tired of helping businesses grow.  

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