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They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Every agent in my company who has seen one of my luxurious Xpressdocs brochures is now utilizing Xpressdocs for their listings as well! When I tell other agents that the turnaround time is 24 hours, they can’t believe it. My sellers are impressed as well. After seeing his home in my Xpressdocs brochure, he remarked, “Why are we selling? This house looks great.”
Wendy M., Zeitlin & Co., Realtors
I have been using Xpressdocs as my primary direct mail provider for approximately 2 years.

In my opinion there isn’t another company that provides a better product at a better price, has a higher quality of customer service, has easier to create templates or who delivers quicker. I have tried many online and local companies, none compare. As a former managing broker for a major real estate firm I had the privilege of working with Xpressdocs. When I made the decision to make a change; I of course planned the continued use of Xpressdocs. To me satisfaction in customer service and quality of product are the most important when determining who to rely on for a business partner.

I specialize in a specific market area, mail an average of 600 pieces twice monthly for 8 months of the year and once monthly the remainder of the year. I track my business and Xpressdocs direct mail system is my number one source of business.

I truly believe that Xpressdocs has helped increase my business and continues to help me grow. When you are top of mind with a consistent campaign using an attractive, professional, sophisticated, quality pieces, you are remembered. You are the one they will call OR they will remember who you are when you call them! That’s the key…..to know you are the professional they will call on for their next real estate transaction. “Oh, YOU’RE Sergio! I get your mailings!” I hear it time after time at open houses, on the street or when making my calls.

Please consider this as an entry for your marketing campaign promotion referred to in your newsletter today.

Sergio H., REALTOR, Downing Frye Realty Inc

What Customers Are Saying About Xpressdocs

Xpressdocs postcards and brochures are easy to customize, and the staff is wonderfully helpful when we need. The results are beautiful. Elaine and I have used them consistently and exclusively for five years and always receive compliments. We truly believe they are the reason we have increased our business in a tough market. They attract buyers, and our sellers are always impressed at how we showcase their properties.
Linda R./Elaine H.Team, Coldwell Banker Hollywood
Xpressdocs has been the core of our marketing campaign for years. Our Listing and Sold postcards are so attractive and professional that we have gotten many calls from the postcards alone resulting in fabulous listings! Our clients are also very impressed with our high quality brochures that are sitting in their homes only days after their property was listed!
Renee and Jilli S., Prudential New Jersey Properties
I am a Realtor here in South Florida with RE/MAX ParkCreek. I have been using Xpressdocs for all of my marketing needs, as your system is very easy to use for a novice web user to advanced web geek. My postcards arrive in a timely fashion and your company has allowed me to focus more on getting new business and being a real estate agent instead of worrying about how to design and send my postcard campaigns. You have truly implemented a system where agents can put their marketing campaigns on auto drive, making it simple for myself or any member of my team to use your products. Thank you for helping my business grow! I don’t know what I would do without Xpressdocs.
Michael C., RE/MAX ParkCreek
Xpressdocs has improved my image greatly. My technical skills are somewhat limited. However, when buyers see my 4 page color brochures, they are truly impressed and feel I’ve spend significant money to produce them. Additionally, when I indicate that the entire brochure is prepared solely by me, they think I must be a genius with technology. I get the comments that they only see this quality material for homes in excess of $1,000,000. Then, I let them know that I do the same type products no matter the price range of the home. It’s truly an image builder.
Jan N., Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate
I have been an avid user of your direct mailing programs and brochures for 6+ years. I have had people want to list with me because of the quality of my brochures they have seen in other homes. My direct mailing, using your property postcards, for “”Just Listed” and “Just Sold” has also helped me increase my business. Not only are the marketing materials great, they are about the easiest product I have come across to use. Xpressdocs is an integral part of my business that I could not do without!
Heidi K., Broker/Manager, Prudential Americana Group Realtors-Summerlin
As a new agent – I’ve only been in the business for 19 months – making an impactful entrance into the real estate world was a MUST! I used Xpressdocs to quickly and easily create direct mailings to introduce myself as a real estate agent to my farming area as well as my database of current contacts/potential clients.

I continue to use Xpressdocs’ direct mail pieces to consistently communicate with my target market. Xpressdocs offers great pre-designed postcards that I can customize, and I have also used a blank template to send out a great totally custom piece. The ability to create my own mailing lists has been indispensable, as I can target exactly who I want to see my message. The complete mailing services offered means it’s truly one-stop shopping – all of my work is done in one visit to the Xpressdocs website! I have had to call customer service on a few occasions, and they have always been incredibly helpful. The prices are so reasonable for all of these services – it’s the icing on the cake!

I can definitely say that Xpressdocs has been – and will continue to be – a very important part of my marketing plan as I develop and build my business.

Stephanie H., SFR, Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate
I always use Xpressdocs for my listing flyers and postcards. As a result, I get compliments from my sellers, buyers and other agents, who have asked me about who does my flyers and postcards. I proudly tell them Xpressdocs. The postcards are very professional and most importantly, they get results. Potential sellers have kept my Just Listed and Just Sold postcards and when the need arose, called me. They took great pride in showing me that they had both received and kept my cards.

I also use samples of past Xpressdocs campaigns in my listing presentations to let my sellers know what high quality materials I intend to use to market their property. The flyers are eye catching and cause many a buyer to pull over to retrieve one of my flyers from the brochure box and to call me. Most importantly, each Just Listed, Just Sold campaign that I have done, using Xpressdocs cards, has resulted in an additional listing and/or eventual sale. That is why Xpressdocs is the only company I use. Even in these uncertain economic times, I still budget to use Xpressdocs for my flyers and postcards. I know to stick with what works. Xpressdocs work for me.

Jaynelle B., Broker, Watermark Properties
I only use Xpressdocs for my business cards. I love the quality and I am proud to hand out my business cards. They make a statement! Since I’ve ordered business cards from Xpressdocs I go through business cards much quicker!
Debi B., Real Estate Consultant, Keller Williams Realty
Xpressdocs has helped me grow my business by the quality postcards; they are by far the best. I have tried other companies but always return to your company. I use them for mailers such as just sold and my sphere for quarterly postcards.

In addition, I also use postcards for Open Houses as business cards and advertising the home. Clients love them because they are not just your ordinary flyer, making the home more memorable.

Chris S., Broker GRI, Keller Williams Realty
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