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How to Follow Up After a Direct Mail Campaign

Not getting the desired results after your direct mail campaign? Have you run analytics and tested key elements (messaging, timing, audience) but still can’t solve the mystery of the unanswered postcard?

Maybe it’s your follow-up strategy (or lack thereof).

Studies have consistently shown that to get noticed, businesses must repeat themselves. A lot (60% of prospects say no four times before saying yes). See, people are busy, pulled this way and that by life. To get their attention, you sometimes have to poke the bear. In a nice way.

Luckily, there are several ways to politely remind recipients of your business’ value. So, the next time you expend valuable resources conceptualizing and executing a strategic direct mail campaign, consider the following:

Set Up an Email Drip Campaign

When you combine print and digital messaging, you win the day. It’s like 2022’s power couple. You can send a follow-up email (or two) to recipients who don’t respond to your mailout, while remembering these best practices:

  • Keep it brief (include the meat of your offer and little else).
  • Include a clear call to action (Call us today! Stop into the store! Order Now).
  • Nail the subject line (they should want to open the email).

Send a Text

SMS marketing call be a great tool for catching folks who intended to respond but got sidetracked. Plus, many prefer texting over sales phone calls, which can feel intrusive.

Reach Out on Social Media

Aside from posting on a regular schedule, messaging individuals on key social media platforms can be impactful, especially when used alongside direct mail. You can drop a direct message on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or other site.

Here’s an example of a straightforward note:

Hey, _______. We sent you a postcard last week and wanted to see if you’ve had time to read it.  If not, no problem. You can drop any questions here, and we’ll be happy to help. Or you can head to our site and redeem your 25% off when you’re ready. Have a great day!

Re-targeting via social media is easy and effective because even if you don’t receive a reply, recipients will likely check your profile (always a plus).

Say Yes to Direct Mail Round 2

Many direct mail strategies involve two or three rounds of messaging. When you send a series of assets back-to-back, after a few days, recipients will start recognizing and identifying your brand. You can even plan an email communication in between (postcard, email, postcard) for maximum impact.

Notes About Timeline

When it comes to fruitful marketing, your timing is as essential as your audience. You can reach out to your ideal customer, but if you fail to meet them at a time they’re open to your messaging, you’ve still missed the mark.

For example, following up the same day the mail is scheduled to hit their mailbox might not be the best approach. Maybe they haven’t checked the mail yet or had a chance to really look through everything. Here’s a solid campaign timeline:

Day 1: Direct mail scheduled to arrive

Day 3: Email

Day 6: 2nd direct mail piece

A week later: LinkedIn message

If you feel inclined, you can squeeze in a text message or extra email, but don’t feel pressured to use every channel in every campaign. Some services, products, or seasons work best with specific messaging types. Ex: summertime works well with a direct mail campaign because heading out to the mailbox is more of a treat.

A few bonus tips for conducting a stellar direct mail campaign:

  • Pair mailouts with list-building tools to expand your reach.
  • Optimize pieces with clever (but clear) copy, vivid images, and personalized touches (real names at a bare minimum).
  • Track items through QR codes or trackable URLs

Direct Mail Campaign Follow Up Final Thoughts

Using direct mail as part of your multi-channel marketing approach is not the cumbersome, costly burden it once was. Thanks to technology, today’s print gurus can automate, optimize, and dominate their marketing efforts. And so can you! With the right follow-up, that is.

Xpressdocs has been empowering businesses to streamline and strengthen their marketing for over two decades. We have cutting-edge printers plus in-house mailing, a combination that makes our turnaround times speedy (24 hours in most cases) and our quality unparalleled. Want to learn more? Reach out today and schedule a demo today.



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