5 Fool Proof Ways to Increase the Response Rate to Your Direct Mail Marketing

5 Fool Proof Ways to Increase the Response Rate to Your Direct Mail Marketing

Marketing is so prevalent in our lives that unless you work as a full-time marketer, you may not notice just how many companies are trying to grab your attention every day. You probably get several ads in the mail each week and pass a dozen billboards on your way to work, but have you stopped to think about which ads grab your attention and which are just noise?

As a part-time marketer for your business, how do you make sure your direct mail campaign gets a great return on investment rather than just adding to the cacophony? You don’t have to let this question keep you up at night, because we’ve done the research. Take a look at our 5 tips for increasing the response rate on your direct mail marketing:

1. Segment Your Mailing List

Take the time to personalize your direct mail marketing campaign for different segments of your mailing list based on demographics. Instead of blasting out the same message to Baby Boomers in Tampa and Young Professionals in Chicago, send targeted messages and special offers to the sub-groups most likely to respond. For example, a real estate agent could:

  • Send a “Home prices have never been better” mailing to apartment dwellers.
  • Mail a “Let me show you how to get the most money for your home in an upside-down market” marketing piece to homeowners.
  • Send a “Refer a friend and get two tickets” offer to past customers and referral resources.

The more you target your message to a specific group, the better your results will be.

2. Make Your Call-to-Action Stronger

Always end every direct mail message with an assertive call-to-action. Instead of “I hope to hear from you soon,” or “Call if I can be of service,” try something punchy and to the point like:

  • The time to buy is now. Call me.
  • Reach out to me today for a one-on-one analysis.
  • All you have to do is call (today!).

Any direct mail marketing effort that doesn’t direct the reader to do something specific – and right away – is letting the fish off the hook.

3. Include a Special Offer

It’s just human nature: People like to feel like they’re getting special treatment. So, any time you offer your target market something extra, the response to your mailing is just about guaranteed to jump. Offer:

  • A free consultation from an expert (you!)
  • A special pricing discount or a discount towards a future purchase.
  • A free gift that would appeal to your target market, such as a coffee sample to busy young professionals.

Once you get your creative juices flowing on special offers, the options are never-ending. Don’t limit yourself – consider unique special offers that will really make an impression.

4. Focus on the Important Stuff

Direct mail marketing is not the place to be long-winded or needlessly detailed. You have a limited amount of space and only a few seconds to prove yourself. That means you need to communicate just one strong message, and communicate it well:

  • Grab the reader’s attention right away by asking a question, stating a fact, or listing the most compelling benefit.
  • Make your point quickly, and don’t stray too far from it.
  • Focus on just one or two main selling points of your product or service.

5. Show Up Right on Time

Timing is everything, and it’s essential that your message ends up in the hands of your prospects at the right time to make a sale. You can try to crunch the numbers yourself on when to send your mailing, or you can take advantage of marketing automation tools that do it for you. Use automated direct mail marketing to schedule and automatically send out:

  • A triggered mailing after a prospect submits their contact information on your website.
  • A follow-up postcard sent out at regular intervals, such as three or six months after a client meeting.
  • An anniversary greeting one year after your client purchased their home.

Marketing automation can simplify the process of staying in touch with your targets, making it easier to send out the frequent, relevant messaging that will get results.

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