5 Simple Ways to Market to Millennials

The Truth About Millennials

Millennials (those being born between the years 1981-1996), are now the largest generation, surpassing the Baby Boomers. This group will play a pivotal role bridging the generation gap between older and younger groups.

Unlike those before them, Millennials do not respond as readily to generic, mass market messages delivered through traditional means. So how can you ensure your marketing breaks through to this generation?

Five simple things you can do in your marketing:

1.    Appeal to their values: community and charitable activities
Due to technology, Millennials are highly connected to their world. Their hyper-connectedness has helped them gain a unique global perspective and empathy for their local communities that may be different from the generations before them. Surprisingly, many are looking to make a difference in the world, as opposed to looking to only get ahead in it. Adapting marketing strategies to these interests can attract the Millennial and their buying power.

2.    Make your message timely, relevant, even personal
Although Millennials love video and social media, they also enjoy the authenticity of tangible brand experiences that event marketing, sampling and direct mail offer. The key is to make it relevant and where possible, even personal.

Since many Millennials grew up during a time where print was being replaced by television or video, getting a mail piece addressed to them personally is exciting and well received. In addition, little changes like including the recipient name instead of “Current Resident” on your direct mail campaigns can be the difference between success and failure.

3.    Provide unique information and insights
Millennials are a departure from the traditional marketing game. Their generation tends to use information to be entertained— in other words, something visual. Less text and more use of videos, images and infographics attracts this driven generation.

When presenting data and facts with an infographic, think of it as a story being told by data and visual metaphors. Ensure its readability with simple fonts and colors. The attention span of a Millennial is limited with their busy lifestyle, so take advantage by highlighting interesting insights that will attract the eye.

4.    Include ratings and recommendations
This generation is more likely to act on a referral from a friend, family member or trusted member of their social circle. Including ratings and reviews has an impact and provides a level of validation.

With the up-tick in social media presence and networking, Millennials tend to receive recommendations on companies, products, and services through these avenues. Even a testimonial found within a company post can sway this generation.

5.     Make it post-worthy
What makes you, your service, your approach or your actions unique provides a reason to post, share and tell others? Give them content and you won’t be disappointed. Be relevant. Check what is in the news and what is trending.

Remember, this group is diverse, highly educated and tech-savvy. Make sure your images, messages and the channels you use to engage them takes this into account. Do your images include diversity? Are you using local and even grass roots media options? Make sure that you are speaking their language and your campaigns will be more successful.

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