Marketing Mix Examples: Reaching Your Target Market Through Broad Mix and Repetition

Consumers are exposed to thousands of advertising messages each day, requiring marketing departments to look closely at who their target market is and how to get their product to stand out among those who will use their product the most.  For this reason, choosing a strategy from these marketing mix examples can ensure successes. Be sure that it reaches the right target market is important, and the best way to do that is to develop a marketing plan using a broad mix of media methods as well as the right amount of repetition.

Broad Marketing Mix

It is important to remember that different consumers obtain advertising messages through different methods.  Although many marketers believe that older people prefer more traditional methods, while younger people lean more toward newer methods, such as social media, this is not necessarily the case.  In fact, many studies indicate that the majority of consumers between the ages of 18-25 prefer learning of special offers and promotions through direct mail rather than through e-mail.  What some of these studies indicate, however, is that although the consumer prefers receiving the offer through postal mail, they will access information online that they receive in the mail, such as online coupons or offers.  Therefore, using a marketing mix that combines online with traditional seems to offer the best return on the marketing dollar.


In 1885, German psychologist Hermann Ebbonghaus found that people’s memories are short through research he conducted.  His research indicated that the average person forgets 60% of what they learned within a half-day, and what they forget is lost rapidly after hearing the information.  His research indicates that repetition can result in better retention.  Therefore, advertisers who want consumers to remember their product should invest in a marketing mix where the advertising is often repeated.  This does not necessarily mean running the same advertisement repeatedly, but also concentrating the advertisements on smaller target audiences to reach more of the consumers who are interested in your product.

When developing your marketing mix, it is important to remember that consumers retain advertising information in different ways and they learn about promotions using different methods as well.  Therefore, it is important to develop a marketing mix that combines a broad range of media types as well as a focus on repetition that will help the target audience retain the message you are sending.  For more information on the marketing mix, contact us.

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