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How to Pique the Interest of Past Prospects

There’s no telling why some folks choose not to move forward with a home purchase / sale. Don’t take it personally. And definitely don’t toss those sale leads.

In the world of real estate, a sales lead is almost never dead, no matter how old it may be. Because a home sale / purchase is such a rare event, years can pass without you hearing even a peep from old prospects and clients.

The trick is to keep your name and face front and center, so that when those folks do want to move forward with a real estate transaction, it’s you who they’ll turn to for advice, guidance and assistance.

Included below are eight suggestions.

Host an event

Ever considered hosting a party for prospects and past clients? It’s a great way to emphasize one-on-one time in a setting where people are willing to let their guard down.

Become a social media maven

Wildly popular social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are fantastic for interacting with past clients on an informal basis. You can easily let everyone know about new developments in your business and personal life, as well as monitor what’s happening in the lives of others.

Send a handwritten Note / Card

Handwritten notes are classy, unique and memorable. Plus they speak volumes about your commitment to client service and customer relationships.

Compose a newsletter

Newsletters (printed or electronic) are an excellent way to get your name / face in front of past prospects on a regular basis – and impress them with your industry insights and advice at the same time.

Offer tips and reminders

Sending postcards with holiday reminders, tax tips, home-maintenance advice and other popular information is another proven way to stay relevant. Plus, implementing this strategy is a snap with Xpressdocs’ seasonal and consumer tips postcard templates.

Send off-season holiday cards

Most people are overwhelmed with greeting cards at Christmas and Hanukah. To stand out from the pack, consider sending cards that celebrate the minor holidays – like St. Patrick’s Day, the dawn of spring, or national Good Neighbor Day.

Send a gift

Promotional products (everyday items with your company information printed on them) are also effective.  Stay away from the stuff people take for granted (like pens) and instead choose something unique. Examples include: healthcare products (thermometer, ice pack, etc.), environmentally responsible products (like a reusable grocery bag), party products (like a wine bottle stopper) or safety products (like a hollow-rock hide-a-key).

Be consistent

Unfortunately, when it comes to remembering the names of service providers, most people have very poor memories. If you don’t pique the interest of past prospects with some sort of marketing or public relations effort at least every six to eight weeks, chances are low that they’re going to be remembering your name anytime soon.

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