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Assisting Healthcare Providers with Home Health Marketing

Home Health MarketingWith nearly 12 million individuals requiring some form of home health service, there is a big demand for reliable, trustworthy home healthcare providers. And when it comes to making decisions regarding the care of family members and loved ones, people want to make the right choice.

Xpressdocs aims to make home health marketing efforts straightforward, effective, and of the utmost quality, so home healthcare providers can focus on what matter most: delivering quality care that improves the lives of people.

With Xpressdocs, users at any level (from caregiver to corporate) can access branded digital, automated, print, and mailable solutions from a single online marketing storefront. Create a multi-page booklet that dives into the services offered — including nursing, physical therapy, medical social services, or specialty programs related to diabetes, oncology, pain care, and more. Mail a postcard to a targeted demographic — using robust list-building services — to detail contact information, normal business hours, and convenient on-call or nights and weekends options.

Establish trust and credibility by sharing testimonials or accolades on a sleek flyer or pamphlet that can be included in new patient packets. Educate prospective patients and their loved ones so they understand the reality of home healthcare, their options, and what to expect.

Because home healthcare services may not be used immediately or regularly, constant outreach is a necessity. Automated programs, such as Xpress Connection, that deliver regular touch points in a hassle-free fashion help home healthcare services stay top-of-mind and boost the chances of a referral.

Furthermore, consistent social media activity and email communication serves both relationship marketing and long-term branding efforts. With tools like Social HQ and Xpress Email, these digital marketing efforts can easily be managed in a fast, efficient, and professional manner.

Home healthcare organizations can expand their local market reach with in-app mobile ads. Smartphones are often the go to device for finding help for unexpected needs, and with the targeting capabilities of a tool like Xpress Mobile, it’s easy to connect and convert with the tap of a finger.

Xpressdocs provides an opportunity to streamline internal communications and maintain brand integrity. Employee handbooks, procedure guides, and organization-wide policies can be updated and stored in a password-protected account, and then distributed to dedicated caregivers as needed.

Focus On Improving Patients’ Quality of Life.

We’ll Focus On Improving the Quality of Your Home Health Marketing.


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