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Getting Social on Social Media

From landlines and mail to websites and now social media handles, collecting information and getting in contact with businesses has evolved. But are you limiting yourself with the use of just a single social media platform? See the benefits of utilizing and updating multiple social media accounts.

More outlets, more eyes
Social media has become a huge component in increasing visibility and communication for B2C businesses. With approximately 70% of Americans using a social media account, this additional exposure to your brand can equate to better brand awareness and ultimately an increase in sales. Ensure that you’re maximizing your company’s awareness potential by having profiles on all of the platforms that make sense for your brand such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Different strokes, different folks
Engaging your customers on multiple platforms will help you reach a larger audience. Those who use Twitter are not necessarily the same people who are active on LinkedIn. Positioning your brand on all social networks will get you a higher volume of impressions.

Though the presence of a company profile is important, understanding the difference in each social platform can help you determine your messaging and audience. Don’t limit your reach by using a single social media platform. Check out the advantages of each medium before choosing which ones are best for your business.

Instagram: Have a great product or a visually appealing event? Be sure to post on an Instagram account. Creating a profile on this image-heavy platform will reach those customers who value a pictorial story over text.

Facebook: Proven to be the most popular social networking, the creation of a Facebook business page has the potential to reach 2 billion active users. Aside from the large numbers, Facebook is powerful in terms of sharing content with both links and images. Keeping this page updated is extremely important as those who use Facebook visit daily.

Twitter: Timeliness matters to those who actively use Twitter. Up-to-the-minute news and hosted contests thrive on this incredibly engaging medium. Create a Twitter account to “tweet” newsworthy ideas and hot topics that will generate conversation.

YouTube: Through YouTube, you can share video content showcasing your business’ story, whether it be a how-to video or a presentation. Those who have a presence on YouTube are seeking to learn or to be entertained via video so the importance of keeping this account updated weekly is only necessary if timeliness and accuracy are key variables in the story.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn provides the perfect setting for those seeking a more professional vibe in a networking setting. This platform is designated for business insights and trends. Collaborations are common on LinkedIn amongst branding partners and events. The information posted here must be centered on your industry.

Wider Range of Availability
Giving an additional method of communication to customers creates a reputation for being easily accessible. Studies found that when companies engage and respond to customer service requests over social media, those customers spend 20-40% more with the company. Make sure that you are openly communicating with your audience in a timely fashion to create retention and increase your spend per customer.

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