Healthcare Marketing

The healthcare landscape is competitive and wrought with regulations, making it difficult to manage localized, branded marketing in a streamlined fashion.

Organizations may offer exceptional care, delivered by top-notch professionals with a wealth of knowledge and skill, but if the market lacks a clear picture of who the brand is and what it can offer, business suffers.

Every healthcare organization is unique and requires a strategic and customized marketing approach to attract and retain patients.


How Xpressdocs Helps

Xpressdocs’ unique marketing platform helps healthcare organizations maintain control over their branding, quality of materials, and messaging going into the market, while also providing their user network a self-serve, online storefront to customize and leverage brand-approved solutions at the local level.

Our robust marketing platform is feature-rich, with a suite of print, digital, automated, and mailable solutions to help healthcare organizations position themselves as the resource of choice in their market.

Through leading-edge technology and automated production capabilities, Xpressdocs serves as a one stop shop for marketing needs—including branded storefronts and web-to-print automation, to digital and social media marketing solutions.

The Impact

Xpressdocs has helped top healthcare organizations slash their direct marketing costs by more than 30%. Implementing the Xpressdocs marketing platform reduces turnaround time from weeks to a day, while growing the strength of brands.

Xpressdocs delivers industry-leading print and direct mail products, digital and automated programs, and reduces company overhead, all while improving the productivity, efficiency, and flexibility surrounding healthcare marketing efforts at every level.

Our unique technology and production capabilities help organizations achieve their marketing goals, as well as improve the overall quality and performance of their healthcare marketing.


In today’s ever-changing healthcare environment, speed-to-market is everything. The easy-to-use platform offers the advantages of reviewing, approving, and placing orders online 24/7. Xpressdocs orders are printed with unsurpassed quality on HP Indigo presses, the most efficient production presses in the digital printing industry.

The Xpressdocs platform is PCI compliant, serving as a single resource for brand and legal regulations to which many healthcare organizations must adhere. Xpressdocs has the added benefit of offering various billing options to assist with budget and subsidy management, and our U.S.-based client services team is readily available via email, live chat, and telephone to answer any support questions.

See how Xpressdocs Makes Marketing Healthy

Learn why clients love our direct healthcare marketing and brand management solutions. Request a demo of our robust marketing platform and see how Xpressdocs can help expand your audience reach.


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