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Xpressdocs Platform for Enterprise

The Marketing Challenge

Enterprise companies need solutions that enables collaboration for their large teams.  Often times, online solutions are segmented and features are not streamlined.  As Enterprise companies grow, they need to transition to a marketing tool that is flexible enough to handle their growth.  Even transitioning to a new enterprise solution can be daunting whether a company is going through change management or simply wanting to acquire new and more up-to-date systems.

“With so many moving parts and critical areas of responsibility, it was invaluable to me to have a partner like Xpressdocs to share in the heavy lifting and help take us to the finish line. Eric, Carol, Mark and team were as committed to quality as we were, and they were with us every step of the way. I am sincerely grateful for their partnership and I could not be happier with our new BHHSNJ-branded Xpressdocs platform and collateral.”

Michele Giordano, Chief Marketing Officer
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices New Jersey Properties

The Solution

The Xpressdocs Platform is an industry-leading robust marketing platform for the enterprise, powering the marketing efforts of many of the country’s largest brands, including multi-user, franchise and real estate companies. From full-service direct mail, digital print, conventional print, custom packaging, bindery and finishing services, to integrated cross-media marketing campaigns that include print, email and social media, Xpressdocs continues to develop the products and solutions needed in a competitive marketplace.

Custom Marketing Solutions

Reasons to Use Xpressdocs Platform


Established in 2001, Xpressdocs was founded to produce high-quality marketing materials in an efficient, economical and timely manner. Since that time we have become a leader in direct marketing solutions for organizations with distributed agent, dealer and franchise networks building numerous on-demand marketing platforms for a variety of industries including education, financial, healthcare, hospitality, insurance and real estate to name a few.


Our mission for you during implementation is to make it as simple as possible without compromising on time and quality. We start by assessing your current marketing needs and then build a customized marketing platform based on the unique requirements of your enterprise. This consists primarily of design collaboration, product selection, account management and billing structure customization in order to ensure you get the best possible solution. In addition, we offer a variety of automated programs, third party partnerships, and marketing support to facilitate rapid adoption and ensure a hassle-free, streamlined implementation process.


Our commitment to technology and automation is reflected in our leading-edge marketing solutions. From our super efficient web-to-print operations and automated marketing programs to our social media and email marketing implementations, our platform has evolved over the years to ensure you are staying on the cutting edge of your market.


Our simple, web-based marketing platform gives you the flexibility and efficiency of an in-house marketing department. Not only do we build and customize a platform specifically for your business, we host it as well so your users can access customizable marketing materials anytime and anywhere. The result is an increase in quality at flexible quantities with no increase in pricing.


During and after adoption, our goal becomes finding ways to improve your sales performance and your brand’s success. From on-going user trainings and webinars to marketing communications and dedicated account management, we offer a range of support tools to ensure your brand impressions are maximizing their potential.

Reduce Your Overhead

Stop wasting your valuable time doing what we do best. Our on-demand marketing solution helps to facilitate your sales force, empower your executives and support your marketing team by doing the heavy lifting for you. From branded creative design and full-service print and mail services to efficient inventory systems and account management, our online marketing platform helps to reduce the cost and time you spend managing your marketing internally.

Improve Quality

Producing high-quality marketing materials quickly isn’t your job. It’s ours. Your users will have access to unmatched print quality, agency-quality designs, over-night turnaround time and excellent customer support all within a matter of minutes. In addition, our top-of-the-line printers are some of the fastest, most productive and efficient presses in the industry allowing us to achieve incredible efficiencies in time and reduce waste.

Brand Control

Maintaining a high-profile, high-quality presence has never been easier. Every aspect of our platform is built to effectively maintain brand consistency and further improve your brand image. From creative to legal needs, we analyze every aspect of your current branding position to develop marketing programs and products based on your brand standards. Take advantage of agency-quality designs created by our in-house professional designers that will add luster to your brand’s professional image.

Keeping Pace with Technology and Media

As a technology company, we are dedicated to leading edge marketing solutions. From cutting-edge online programs to our expansive production and automation capabilities, we are constantly evolving to ensure we provide the latest in marketing and industry trends. In addition, we will augment our products and portfolio to meet the growing needs of your marketplace.

User Experience

Our simple online marketing platform is built so that your users can create branded marketing campaigns in a matter of minutes. From complete web to print operations and automated marketing programs to email and social media implementations and support tools, our platform makes marketing for your users a quick, simple and enjoyable process.


From direct mail and print marketing to online and automated marketing platforms, we work hard to provide top-quality products and services that match your business. That is why all orders are processed immediately and printed with unsurpassed quality in our 125,000 sq. ft., state-of-the-art production facility featuring leading-edge digital and offset print presses. In addition, we print on a wide-variety of premium paper stocks and offer free UV coating on digital print products. We are also one of the most efficient digital print production businesses among HP partners worldwide!

Customer Support

Our dedicated support team is in the field, on the phone and ready to help your users every step of the way. And we don’t stop there! We also offer live training sessions, product demonstrations, and online tutorials for everything from the basics to implementing a focused direct-mail strategy.

Quick Turnaround Time

High-speed processing and delivery are one of our hallmarks. From our super efficient web-to-print operations, highly automated marketing programs and quick distribution services, your users orders are processed in minutes. In addition, if they complete a digital print order by 4pm Central Time, their orders will ship or mail to a recipient list the next business day.


Use our online marketing platform to gain instant access to an extensive assortment of branded marketing materials for your business. Choose from a large selection of print and direct mail templates, seasonal marketing, promotional items, stationery, email and social media tools and more all branded with your business in mind. Create a multi-format marketing campaign that let’s you emphasize your own individuality and build brand awareness at the same time!


Gain access to a large range of value-added features to compliment your marketing campaigns. Rolling out a captivating campaign is never easier with access to full-service print and mailing services, free account storage, list building tools, automated marketing programs, a free QR code generator and social media integration services just to name a few.

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