Direct Mail

Making the Direct Mail List Cut

Big risks reap big rewards, especially with direct mail marketing. A direct mail campaign can be deemed expensive as you receive quotes for print and postage, yet this medium has been proven to have a high return on investment as noted by a study from the United States Postal Service. Numbers reveal direct mail increased sales by 53% and created a 46% product revenue increase.

To make your campaign a success story, you must build a quality mailing list. Targeting the correct audience can convert engagements into sales. There are multiple ways to segment a list, and they all have different benefits, depending on your campaign’s goal.

Demographic: Break up your mailing list by age, income, occupation and/or gender. Through the use of these demographics, you can be more selective with the buyer personas. For example, an income range helps to identify if your service or product is financially feasible for your targeted market. By narrowing down your field to a particular income status, you can dispose of those names that are not qualified for your campaign thus decreasing your spend.

Geographic: Whether it be by something as large as a state or as small as a zip code or neighborhood, breaking up your mailing list geographically is beneficial to pinpointing your prospects. By targeting your mailing list by location, you find those who live in a close range as to where your services are offered. If a promotion or coupon is included on your next direct mail campaign, segmenting your recipients by zip code will correlate as a convenience factor to these prospects. Including too broad of an area would be costly as those who are located outside of a 10-mile range may find similar locations closer in proximity.

Psychographic: Knowing your audience’s traits and hobbies can help you personalize the content on your direct mail piece and send solely to them. Psychographic segmentation helps you to identify purchasing behavior and preferences. By understanding these personalities and targeting them, your campaign will be more customized and not a one-size-fits-all marketing plan. If you own a quilt shop and your consumer data provides all the quilting club members in your area, this psychographic information will be pivotal in communicating with your target audience.

As always, be sure to obtain accurate and new lists if you are purchasing them from a third-party vendor. For information on how Xpressdocs can help you deliver your next successful mailer and our state of the art mailing lists, please contact us at 1-866-977-3627 or email

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