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How Using Video in Print Can Set Your Marketing Apart

Why include video in print brochures?

People are watching more video than ever before, and consumers are wanting to see more videos from brands. The majority of marketers (88%) have recognized the power of video as a marketing tool to engage their audiences and increase ROI. However, as any business knows, producing a great video and then getting the video in front of the right faces can be a challenge.

Within our current video renaissance, your audience may already feel like their social media feeds and inboxes are over-saturated with content. This is understandable since on YouTube alone, 300 hours of video are uploaded every minute. Since there is more video content out there than a person can watch in their lifetime, if you want eyeballs on your video you have to move beyond just uploading it to your social channels and crossing your fingers.

If you’re searching for an innovative channel to push your new product explainer, inspiring testimonial, or brand video through the clutter and to the right people, have you thought about leveraging print? That may sound silly, but sharing video through printed direct mail is very possible (and easy) through custom video in print brochures. Sending your video through the mail can energize your campaign by helping you interact with your audience in a truly unexpected way.

How does video in print work?

What do we mean by video in print? The mechanics are simple – a small LCD video screen is incorporated into a foldable business card or postcard-sized brochure. The screens are powered by a rechargeable battery, and your video can be added to the device through a USB port. Each video brochure is reusable, so you can change or delete files as needed.

You simply order the number of print plus video brochures you’d like for your campaign and choose the video you’d like uploaded to the devices. Then the brochures are sent out to your mailing list like a regular direct mail campaign, and you get to wow your recipients.

When should I use print plus video? 

Using print plus video is especially effective when you need to communicate complex information clearly and efficiently. The opportunities are endless, but here are a few ideas. Use custom printed video brochures when:

  • Recruiting – surprise and delight top candidates with a flashy overview of your company using unique technology.
  • Connecting – embed an explainer video for an easy way to introduce your customers to your company’s latest product or service.
  • Fundraising – appeal to donors or alumni with captivating visuals to remind them why your cause or organization is important.
  • Presenting – keep audiences engaged with unique and interactive handouts that go beyond the usual branded pen and notebook.
  • Networking – Let your brand video do the talking at your next expo or convention with print + video giveaways.

Are printed video brochures customizable?

Absolutely! Video brochures are available in different sizes depending on your needs, and many producers allow you to request a custom size. You’re also completely in charge of the design and messaging on the printed part of the brochure. You can incorporate your brand colors, a flashy pattern, and a punchy call to action, all highlighted by printing techniques like foiling, embossing, or debossing, and finishing coatings like spot UV treatments.

How can Xpressdocs help?

If you’re ready to take advantage of the video marketing craze in a unique way, Xpressdocs is here to assist. Our Print + Video product is highly customizable and available at an affordable price point. It’s easy to get started – just Request a Quote and one of our solutions architects will walk you through the ordering and customization process.

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