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Competition is the name of the game in the franchise industry. And while a successful business model and service are critical, these won’t give brands the competitive edge they need if their marketing efforts miss the mark.

One benefit of being a franchise is being part of a brand that elicits recognition and trustworthiness before the public even steps foot into a location. At Xpressdocs, we understand what it takes to develop a strong brand and reputation, and we make it our mission to protect these while supporting franchisees’ needs to launch local marketing campaigns.

Helping Franchise Organizations Thrive

The Xpressdocs marketing platform is one of the fastest growing providers of direct marketing solutions for franchises. We specialize in providing an unbeatable portfolio of products and programs to distributed workforces, helping to maximize their global and local marketing efforts.

Our customizable platform empowers franchisees to self-serve at a local level while helping franchisors maintain control over messaging, quality of materials, and budget. Offering a service menu packed with brand-approved print and direct mail, digital, automated, and fulfillment solutions, franchises can truly integrate their marketing efforts to penetrate their targeted audience.

The Impact

From within their branded portal, franchisees can easily and efficiently launch automated drip campaigns to acquire and retain new customers, order promotional products for sponsorship events, and manage their digital presence. Using Xpressdocs solutions allows franchises to create truly integrated corporate approved marketing with local appeal — all from a centralized location.

We help to avoid the headache of trying to synchronize print pieces with social and mobile ad campaigns. Our flexible marketing platform streamlines processes and achieves the results that can be appreciated among busy franchise professionals.

Whether franchise marketing spend is focused on print, email, social, or mobile ad campaigns, we offer these and more. Paired with our full-service EDDM® solution and the personalization of variable data printing, the possibilities to conquer desired markets are endless.


Every franchise is unique and is treated as such by Xpressdocs. From on-going user trainings and webinars, to dedicated account management and speed-to-market, we offer a range of support tools to ensure our clients’ marketing is maximizing its potential.

We work closely with key stakeholders to customize the solutions which work best for their brand, and do the heavy lifting to make it a reality. With cutting-edge technology and production capabilities, our platform is continuously evolving to provide users with a seamless experience and competitive edge.

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