What is UV Coating?

What is UV coating?What is UV coating? When ordering print and direct mail, you might come across this term, as something that adds value to your items. But really, what does a postcard, business card, or other marketing document have to do with ultraviolet rays?

  • First let’s answer the question, “What is UV coating?” Ultraviolet coating is a coating applied to printed paper, to make the printed piece glossier and more eye-catching.
  • Next, how does the UV coating process work? A wet coating is applied to the printed paper with adjustable rollers, and flashed with ultraviolet light, which cures it, rather than drying it. UV coating is not a laminate, and can be applied in many different levels of gloss, sometimes even textured.
  • Why is UV coating better than other surface product?
    • UV protective coating has an extremely high shine, appearing almost wet when it is applied over deep, rich colors.
    • It is tough, and makes your products abrasion resistant, even when they are going through the mail.
    • UV coating dries quickly, making your print to ship time much faster.
    • UV coating is 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly, because there are no solvents or volatile organic compounds involved in the process.
  • Finally, what is UV coating to you? Do you need it? If you want to stand out from the crowd, the answer is probably “yes”. UV coating makes photos really pop, makes colors more vibrant, and, in general, really showcases your products.  UV coated business cards, for instance, hold up better in a wallet, and are more memorable to recipients.

What is UV coating? It is that subtle sheen that adds value to your marketing tools, making your business appear just a little bit more polished. Xpressdocs understands the need for that competitive edge and that is why Xpressdocs offers UV coating on postcards at no additional charge. Visit the website to learn more, and place your order today.

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