Part One: Eight Ways to Turn Sales Leads into Valued Clients

Xpessdocs’ list service is great for generating sales leads. But many real estate agents struggle with the next step: turning those prospects into paying clients.

The truth is, there is no “best” method for converting leads. There’s no telling when a potential client is going to make the decision to hire you as their agent. Every situation is different. Every prospect is unique. That’s what makes a sales career so exciting.turn-sales-leads-into-clients-part-1

But there are some lead-conversion approaches that have proven more successful. Included below are four of them. Next month, we’ll be back with four more.

Emphasize what makes you different

In the eyes of most prospective clients, it’s tough to tell a difference between real estate agents – which means, if you want to convert a sales lead, you need to emphasize the little things that make you unique (or at least seem unique).

Consider real estate agent Dan Kingsley. He sets his practice apart from the rest by playing up his paperless transactions:

“I provide my clients with completely paperless transactions. To Buyers this means we can make an offer on the spot, literally. … Other agents require their clients to go back to the office to fill out the documents, print the documents, sign, scan them, and then email the offer before they can go home. This could take another hour or more depending what city the house is in. I feel this wastes my client’s time and may put them at a disadvantage with their offer.

“To Sellers this benefit means we can make changes without having to go back to the office. We can sign the listing agreement and get it on the market immediately instead of losing a day of exposure or miss a buyer.”

Any prospective buyer or seller who receives Dan’s marketing materials could easily be swayed by this very simple differentiator. It doesn’t take much to be different.

Act fast

It depends on the type of sales lead, but, in some cases, your chances of converting a lead to a client are much higher if you rush to follow-up with a prospect.

Obviously, if the lead is a phone call, a text or an email, you’ll want to follow up in minutes, not hours (this is not a date … it’s good to be eager when you’re selling your services). If you meet a potential client at an event or open house, follow up the next day.

Roll out a campaign

According to an often-referenced study by the Direct Marketing Association, the typical consumer won’t even consider doing business with you until they’ve been exposed to your brand’s marketing at least nine times. Repetition builds familiarity, and familiarity builds trust.

That’s why marketing professionals are always thinking in terms of marketing “campaigns.” An ongoing series of marketing efforts is always going to outperform a single marketing mailing.

Does that mean you should be mailing a marketing postcard to all your leads every week? No. Every four to six weeks is just about ideal; any more often than that, and you risk wearing out your welcome.

Offer something extra

Everyone likes to feel they’re getting a deal (including prospective real estate clients). It’s human nature. But instead of slashing your commission, offer your prospect a free home staging (for a prospective seller) or a free home warranty (for a prospective buyer) if they sign with you.

It’s time for a change

One thing is for sure: You aren’t going to improve your lead-conversion practices if you just keep doing the same thing. Try one or two of these ideas this month, then look for our post with four more next month.

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