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Transform your print and direct mail campaigns into social media marketing, and take your direct mail where it’s never gone before.

Xpress Links makes social media marketing simple and expands your print and direct mail to the unlimited reach of your social media sphere. Driving prospects to your webpage and collecting leads has never been so easy.

Once you complete a print or direct mail order with Xpressdocs, we automatically generate and host a complementary webpage featuring that campaign. Simply edit or customize the content on your campaign’s webpage, preview it, and start sharing! Your Xpress Links campaign is available for 90 days at no charge.


5 Key Benefits of Using Xpress Links

Editable Page Content

Enhance the content of your printed materials with our robust webpage editor to craft an attention-grabbing headline, additional information, and a compelling call-to-action.

Direct Contact Form

With Xpress Links, your customers can reach you directly at the click of a button to inquire about products, services, pricing, and more!

Free Hosting

Your campaign is available to drive traffic for 90 days at no cost.

Optimized Content

Your time is valuable. Xpress Links optimizes and formats content to flow automatically into the interfaces of the most popular social outlets within seconds.

Contact Support

Our multiple contact option provides the tools you need to effectively promote your business and distribute leads throughout your company.

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