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The Power of a Direct Marketing Platform

It can be difficult to control the number of marketing pieces your company should provide for every campaign. Even more so when deciphering between vendors for each item in your business collateral. This kind of anxiety may have your head spinning and seeking assistance in helping you focus on the who’s who and what’s what. Shouldn’t there be an easier way to control what is made, how it’s made, and if it fits your brand standards?

Trouble-free Tool at Your Fingertips

Introducing your solution. Xpressdocs realizes your marketing needs with tools especially made for brand management. This allows our clients to let everyone in their company order whatever marketing material deemed necessary, while ensuring that it is within brand standards.  Clients have the control on everything from colors to precise logo placements, and even templates for all print-on-demand products. A no muss, no fuss approach to what is often a laborious effort.

Overwhelming. Confusing. Difficult.

These terms are used quite frequently from our franchise partners regarding having so many vendors that it is difficult to keep track of what they order and from whom. Xpressdocs offers an all-in-one platform that manages everything the company may want or need. From pens to postcards, to employee handbooks, Xpressdocs allows clients to select, design, and order products from a single source.

Speed that Delivers

In an industry where time is of the essence, speed to market is vital. With Xpressdocs, the name speaks volumes— express. We pride ourselves on the fact that within 10 minutes of ordering your products, they are being processed by our expert printers and out the door to their destinations. Any order that is placed before 4 p.m. will be out to ship the following day—that is what we deem lightning speed service.

First Rate Service

Questions, comments and concerns shouldn’t go unnoticed. Aside from catering to your direct marketing needs, Xpressdocs has a representative dedicated especially for your account. Understandably, issues arise in your industry, but isn’t it reassuring to address matters to somebody who knows your account history like the back of their hand? Our prized account management team will lob the assist to help your marketing campaign be blue ribbon worthy. Transparent, personable and approachable communication at its best.

Xpressdocs’ proprietary platform continues to evolve with new features such as: faster proofing speeds, on-template editing, and a simpler ordering process. Let Xpressdocs coordinate your marketing chaos.

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