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Find Success with Facebook Ads

The goal of Facebook ads can vary; from capturing attention and generating revenue to simply gaining followers, they all serve a purpose. On average, a Facebook user in America clicks on 11 Facebook ads per month, why shouldn’t it be your ad? Xpressdocs has included four of the best methods to help ensure high social ad click rates for your company to find success with Facebook ads.

Image vs Text
A great visual will break the monotony of a Facebook news feed. Using an image will create higher engagement with the audience that you’ve selected to receive your ad, as opposed to just using text. Posts featuring photos received 179% more engagements versus those without images. You can even kick it up another notch by adding multiple images to ads. A carousel of images helps to feature a product’s full capabilities or a company’s multiple services.

Charts and Graphs
There is nothing that represents growth and trends better than a chart or graph. Teach those who receive your ad a noteworthy fact by using a visually appealing bar graph or chart. You can also leverage iconography and graphics to convey interesting facts and figures to entice users to visit your page for more information.

Studies found that four times as many consumers prefer to watch a video about a product rather than read content about it. Take advantage of these insights and increase the attention your ad gets by adding videos to your Facebook ad. Be sure that the video authentically represents your brand and the products and/or services you provide. Then, write concise and impactful text to describe the video as it plays because 85% of videos played on Facebook are watched without sound.

Positive testimonials from customers on the services you provide give credibility to your brand and build trust with your target audience. As your future customer navigates Facebook, they’ll be stopped in their proverbial scrolling as they view a five-star review about your brand or products.

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