Writing That Sells: 6 Tips for Business Owners

Stumped about what to write? Not everyone can be a professional copywriter, but anyone can write compelling copy. Here Xpressdocs gives you six techniques copywriting pros use to overcome consumers’ do-nothing attitudes, make their messages stand out and entice perfect strangers to open their wallets.

1.      Grab the reader’s attention right away by stating a question, a fact, or the number one most compelling benefit.

    • “Prices for new homes are down 16% from last year!”
    • “How can you get the year-round tan you crave without burning your budget? Sun Center has the answer!”

2.      Get to the point quickly. Focus on the one or two most important benefits of your product or service.

3.      Use a writing style that resonates with your target audience.

Older demographic – highlight skills and local experience
“Debbie has been assisting home buyers and sellers in the Leonardville neighborhood for more than 25 years. She understands what makes this market special and, better yet, knows how to turn those attributes into advantages for her clients.”

Younger demographic – emphasize energy and unique abilities
“Finding an affordable home in the Bay Area today requires a real streak of luck, or a well-connected, high-energy agent like Debbie Mar.”

4.      Keep your writing lively, interesting and engaging, but avoid sales hype.

5.      Make sure the reader understands how they’ll benefit.

Let your recipients know why they’ll be better off using your product or service. Don’t simply list features; talk about the benefits of those features.

Feature only:
“All members receive IHRSA Reciprocity.”

Feature with benefit:
“No need to skip a workout when you’re vacationing or traveling on business. As a Slim Gym member, you’re entitled to reciprocal guest privileges at thousands of health clubs throughout the world.”

6.      Always end every marketing message with a call to action.

    • “Experience our award-winning service. Get your free information kit today.”
    • “To qualify for this special offer, you must call before November 21.”

People need to be motivated to make a purchase in today’s economy – which means you need to make sure every sentence resonates with the reader and clearly communicates the advantage of taking action now.

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