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Xpress APM: Your time-saving marketing solution

Work smarter with Xpress APM, Xpressdocs’ marketing automation solution.

Xpress APM (Automated Prospect Marketing program) generates custom direct mail for your target prospects using your associated data feed. It’s easier than ever to stay-up-to-date on prospect marketing because Xpress APM automatically creates new proofs and a corresponding mailing list when any changes or additions are made to your data. Once Xpress APM has sent you a new proof, all you need to do is review and approve, and your mailing is on its way.


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How it Works

Step 1

Xpressdocs auto-generates a postcard proof based on your data feed.

Step 2

You receive an “Order is Ready” email notification.

Step 3

You review and approve your postcard order with just a few clicks.

Step 4

Your mailing is printed and sent to your auto-generated mailing list.

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Key Features

Listing Feed Integration

Seamlessly integrate your listing feed data with Xpress APM; your direct mail template is generated directly from your own data feed.

Professionally Designed Templates

Xpress APM’s direct mail marketing templates are designed to be easily skimmed, read, and understood so prospects can quickly see your value.

Mailing Lists

Receive an auto-generated mailing list based on regional data, or upload your own.

Customizable Profile

Your APM profile is easy to set up: quickly pull in your default headshots, contact information, and radius mailing lists, with the optionto update these at any time. You can also select the logos or messages you’d like to include on each mailing.

Streamlined Process

From creation and ordering to print and distribution, you can save valuable time by automating your targeted prospect mailings.

Automatic Email Alerts

You’ll always know once a new proof is generated when you receive the email alert from Xpressdocs. Simply click on the “Order Now” button in your email, review your order, select your mailing list, and your mailing is out the door!

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