Work Smarter with Automated Prospect Marketing

We’ve made sending out direct mail campaigns way easier.

Our Automated Prospect Marketing (APM) solution instantly generates integrated marketing campaigns using data that passes from your existing CRM (or other tech) into our system. And because we’re all about customization, we’ll work with you to understand your data before designing triggers and corresponding marketing collateral that make sense for your business. So, whether you need flyers (for seasonal promotions), postcards (for service reminders), or social ads (for…everything), we can make it happen. With APM, you get the lead-generating, customer-engaging campaigns you need without having to manually generate each operation. You don’t have to thank us.

Automated Prospect Marketing

Perks of the Program

Happy Team

With busywork automated, your marketing team can focus on more promising tasks (like growing your business).

Enhanced Local Marketing

Personalized, integrated campaigns can make engagement/response rates skyrocket.

Easily-Integrated Software

APM integrates with any CRM or database on the market, reducing the anxiety of new tech. Plus, it’s accessible from a mobile device or desktop.

Customizable Options

Refine each detail of a campaign or keep them broad. APM’s on-template editing lets your end users get things done.

How it Works

Before the magic happens, we work with your team to analyze your business and its data.

Ready to combine forces and generate leads? Let’s design an automation plan together.

Once we have a plan:

  • Your team identifies triggers and designs complementary campaign elements (a postcard that mails when you get new products, for example).
  • When an event triggers, your end users get an email letting them know their campaign is ready.
  • Once end users approve and purchase materials, we handle the rest.
  • No endless spreadsheets. No bleary-eyed marketers. Only fresh, relevant campaigns and interested, responsive customers.
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